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Collaborative production networks among unequal actors

Community Health Center Efficiency. The Impact of Organization Design and Local Context: The Case of Indonesia

Evaluator perceptions of NGO performance in disasters: Meeting multiple institutional demands in humanitarian aid projects

Interpersonal Antecedents to Selective Disclosure of Lesbian and Gay Identities at Work

Networks of reliable reputations and cooperation: A review

Shaping resilience: How work team characteristics affect occupational commitment in health care interns during a pandemic

Reputation Effects, Embeddedness, and Granovetter's Error

Social Network Characteristics and Their Associations With Stress in Older Adults: Closure and Balance in a Population-Based Sample

The achievement gap in Indonesia? Organizational and ideological differences between private Islamic schools

Gossip, Reputation and Sustainable Cooperation: Sociological Foundations

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Cooperation: Harder than it looks