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Disc galaxy resolved in HI absorption against the radio lobe of 3C 433: Case study for future surveys

Giant radio galaxies in the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey I. Radio and environmental properties

LOFAR observations of X-ray cavity systems

LOFAR view of NGC 3998, a sputtering AGN

Mapping the dark matter halo of early-type galaxy NGC 2974 through orbit-based models with combined stellar and cold gas kinematics

Repeating fast radio bursts with WSRT/Apertif

The duty cycle of radio galaxies revealed by LOFAR: Remnant and restarted radio source populations in the Lockman Hole

ALMA observations of PKS 1549-79: A case of feeding and feedback in a young radio quasar

An accurate low-redshift measurement of the cosmic neutral hydrogen density

Blazars in the LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey first data release

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