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R.M. Willemsen

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Remco Willemsen

- I manage the measuring and registration equipment in the experiment rooms (measuring booths), in particular where physiological measurements are conducted.  
- I am involved in the repair, maintenance, purchase advice and user advice in the field of physiological measuring equipment, such as ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, GSR, respiration and blood pressure measurement, etc. 
Currently (2013) work is being done in the following areas: 
- The standard TMSi amplifiers in combination with a box that has been developed specially for us can be used to conduct virtually any physiological measurement. This so-called 'Auxiliary box' is intended to safely measure signals, including those that do not originate or only indirectly originate from the test subject. TMSi also provides the registration and monitoring software ‘PortiLab’. A new version of this software is currently being developed. Room 071, tel. 050 363 6467.


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