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Assessing the effectiveness of serious game training designed to assist in upper limb prothesis rehabilitation

Simultaneous assessment and training of an upper-limb amputee using incremental machine-learning-based myocontrol: a single-case experimental design

Testing the Use of Advanced Upper Limb Prostheses: Towards Quantifying the Movement Quality with Inertial-Magnetic Measurement Units

The multi-grip and standard myoelectric hand prosthesis compared: does the multi-grip hand live up to its promise?

On the psychological origins of tool use

Training prosthesis users to switch between modes of a multi-articulating prosthetic hand

Action and perception manifolds have gradients that may play a role in learning Comment on "Laws of nature that define biological action and perception" By M. Latash

Convergence in myoelectric control: Between individual patterns of myoelectric learning

Exploring the relationship between EMG feature space characteristics and control performance in machine learning myoelectric control

Transfer of mode switching performance: from training to upper-limb prosthesis use

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