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Exploring the relationship between EMG feature space characteristics and control performance in machine learning myoelectric control

User training for machine learning controlled upper limb prostheses: a serious game approach

Adjustments in end-effector trajectory and underlying joint angle synergies after a target switch: Order of adjustment is flexible

Looking beyond proportional control: The relevance of mode switching in learning to operate multi-articulating myoelectric upper-limb prostheses

Performance among different types of myocontrolled tasks is not related

Serious gaming to generate separated and consistent EMG patterns in pattern-recognition prosthesis control

Should Hands Be Restricted When Measuring Able-Bodied Participants To Evaluate Machine Learning Controlled Prosthetic Hands?

Task Constraints Act at the Level of Synergies and at the Level of End-Effector Kinematics in Manual Reaching and Manual Lateral Interception

Comparing Different Methods to Create a Linear Model for Uncontrolled Manifold Analysis

Comparison of EMG pattern separability in the affected and non-affected arm in individuals with amputation

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