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prof. dr. R.L. Holzhacker


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Ronald L. Holzhacker 


Senior Lecturer, Comparative Political Science and International Relations
University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Latest: Research Fellow, Monash University, European and EU Centre, researching national human rights institutions and regional mechanisms for human rights in ASEAN, May-June, 2013.

Visiting Scholar, Columbia University, Institute for the Study of Human Rights (ISHR), Spring Term, New York, 2010.

Research:  Multi-Level and Global Governance, institutional – civil society relations, and human rights

•European Union and ASEAN, South East Asia
•Human Rights, democratization, and peace
•Good governance and sustainable society
•Non-discrimination and equality (especially gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation)
•Democracy and the representative process
•Wide dissemination of research results to increase societal impact

Director, SPIRIT Indonesia Groningen (SInGA) at the University of Groningen, a program for 10 PhD candidates from the Indonesian civil service with funding from the World Bank.  Head of  the research group ‘Good Governance and Sustainable Society’ focusing on theory, methods, and policy recommendations for  multi-level governance for middle-income developing countries. Program is expected to produce a 1 million Euro revenue stream over 4 years for the university, with tuition payments and PhD graduation bonuses.

Chair, Curriculum and Didactic Committee, to establish the new University College Groningen, the liberal arts and sciences college of the University of Groningen, appointment by the University Rector, September 2012.

Teaching: Innovative undergraduate, master, and PhD teaching and training

• active student learning
• fostering excellence and diversity with outreach to the under-represented in higher education
• encouraging community involvement and engagement with the world


International PhD colloquium for mentoring, focused on the creation of new knowledge through attention to theoretical innovation and research design and methodology, in a small, deliberative environment. Three topics over six years:  European integration and Europeanization - European democratic legitimacy - Transnationalization of the economies, states, and civil society in Europe.

Administrative Experience Established the social science program at a new liberal arts college, founded by the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije University Amsterdam.  Focus on curriculum development for seven disciplines, internationalization, community engagement, and diversity.

Visibility and Dissemination, major key-notes and presentations
United Nations, Alliance of Civilizations, Non-discrimination policy in the EU, New York 2009
European Union, Non-Discrimination Conference for NGOs, key-note, 270 persons, Budapest 2009
Netherlands, Barack Obama, First 100 Days, Amsterdam, 120 persons, Amsterdam, 2009
Netherlands, US Election Night, 350 persons, Amsterdam 2009
Netherlands Fulbright Alumni, Key-note address, civil society and democracy, 85 pers., Utrecht 2007

Policy:  Senior EU Expert
Network of Socio-Economic Experts in the Anti-Discrimination Field, established by the European Commission pursuant to PROGRESS and the Social Agenda-  employment and the social sphere.


●University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ph.D., Political Science, August 1997, ABD with Honors, May 1994

Major: Comparative Politics, Minor: American Politics, Second Minor: Methodology Concentration: Political party competition and electoral change in Western Europe.

Dissertation: "Party Competition and Strategic Responses to Change in the Electoral Environment:                           The German Broad-based Parties after Reunification."
Principal supervisors: Ronald Inglehart (Michigan), Holli Semetko (Michigan, Amsterdam), Max Kaase (WZB – Berlin).

●University of Minnesota Law School
J.D. Honors: Cum Laude, December 1987

Research Thesis: "Fundamental Rights in the European Community." Analysis of the development by the European Court of Justice of case law pointing to the Constitutional traditions of the member states to develop a concept of Fundamental Rights for the European Union.

Clinical experience: Legal Aid to Minnesota Prisoners Program (Lamp)

●University of London, King's College
Academic year abroad 1986/87
Coursework:  European Community Law, International Business Transactions, and Jurisprudence.

●University of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts
B.A., Honors : Magna Cum Laude, June 1983
Majors:  Political Science and Economics

Honors Thesis in international relations: ‘The Permanent Neutrality of Austria - Restraint and Opportunity’ based on interviews in Vienna with political, ministerial, and embassy officials.

Semester Abroad:  Cuernavaca, Mexico, near Mexico City, learning Spanish with anthropological excursions to two Indian villages in the state of Oaxaca in the Sierra Madre.


●University of Groningen, Department of International Relations and International Organization (IRIO), Faculty of Arts, Senior Lecturer (tenured), Comparative Political Science and International Relations

April 2011-present

Teaching bachelor and Master courses, including:
Master Research Seminar: Human Rights, Democratization, and Peace
Master Euroculture Seminar: Political and Legal Construction of Europe
Bachelor Lecture Course:  Policy and Governance in the EU Context
Bachelor Lecture Course:  International Organization

Research: global governance, human rights and democratization, comparative European politics, equality and non-discrimination policy, transnationalization of civil society organizations.

Director, Core Supervisory Team,  SPIRIT Indonesia Groningen (SInGA) program, based on a World Bank program of  reform for good governance, to bring 10 PhD candidates from government ministries, Indonesian universities, and civil society organizations  to the Universityof Groningen. Cooperation with three partnership universities in Indonesia. 2012-2016.

Chair, Curriculum and Didactic Committee, to establish the new University College Groningen, the liberal arts and science college of the University of Groningen, appointment by the University Rector, September 2012.

Member, International Classroom expert group, cross-faculty supervisory group, appointed by the Rector of the University, 2012-2015.

●University of Twente, The Netherlands, Faculty of Management and Public Administration, Department of Political Science and Research Methods, European Studies, Tenured (since 2003) Assistant Professor
10/98 – 3/2011

Research on the interaction between European institutions, the international community, and NGOs working transnationally for human rights.

Research on the Europeanization and transnationalization of national democratic processes, combining institutionalist and civil society perspectives:

•National parliamentary scrutiny over EU decision-making in the member states
•Strategies and opportunities of civil society organizations striving for equality and non-discrimination.

Empirical research interviews across Europe – Members of National Parliaments: Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, U.K.

Teaching at the bachelor and Masters levels:

•European Studies: Democratic Dilemmas
•European Studies: Honors course concerning civil society and EU equality
•European Studies: United Nations and the International System, Model UN Competition
•European Studies:  Institutional Design
•European Studies: European Political Integration
•Public Administration Master level: Public Governance and Legitimacy
•Public Administration Research Masters: Political Parties and Interest Groups in Multi-Level Governance
•Masters of Public Management, course for mid-career civil servants, ‘Europeanization, Transnationalization, and Globalization’

Supervise Bachelor, Master theses and PhD dissertations. 

Administration Former member of the ‘Education Commission’ of the Centre for European Studies, responsible for overseeing the program, 2007-2009.

Member of the Faculty Council for the Faculty of Management and Governance, meeting with fellow faculty members, students, and the Dean of the Faculty, and the Research Council overseeing the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies  (IGS,) September 2010-2011.

●Amsterdam University College, Head of Studies, Social Sciences, and Management Team

Head of Studies, Social Sciences and member of the Management Team for internationalization, civic engagement, and diversity, launching the new international liberal arts honors college established by the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije University of Amsterdam. Assist in the accreditation process and Sirius grant for excellence in innovations in education. Development of the social science curriculum to incorporate both disciplinary and inter-disciplinary perspectives to political science, international relations, economics, sociology, law, anthropology, human geography, psychology, and linguistics.  Organized the social system theme into three sub-themes: peace and conflict – equality, inequality, and diversity -  market and regulation. 


●University College Utrecht, Fellow and Head of Department for Political Science and International Relations
2002-2008, taught International Comparative Democracy at the international liberal arts honors college of the University of Utrecht.  Head of the political science and international relations department.   


●University of Michigan, Lecturer, Academic Year 1997/98.
Teaching Assistant and Research Associate, 9/90 - 6/94 and 9/96 - 6/97.

Lecturer for two courses: Democracy and Democratization in Europe, concerning democracy, fascism, and communism in twentieth century Western and Eastern Europe, and Comparative Politics of Advanced Industrial Democracies.  Graduate Teaching Assistant for eight semesters, comparative politics, political communication, and international relations courses. Research Associate for Prof. Holli Semetko on the comparative research of German, British, and American elections.


●Doherty, Rumble & Butler, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and WashingtonD.C., Lawyer, 9/88-1/90
Admitted to the Bar in Minnesota and WashingtonD.C.  Practice in corporate and commercial law with this large law firm of 88 attorneys.  Work also on international trade issues involving export of high tech equipment requiring export licensing. Preparation of environmental impact statements for cities. Pro Bono, inter alia, American Indian organization in Minneapolis to assume authority for a HUD (Housing Urban Development) housing development in the city.


●University of Minnesota Attorney’s Office, Law Clerk, 6/85-9/85
Law Clerk for the legal counsel office of the University of Minnesota, conducting research and advising on educational legal issues involving students and the governance structure with the State.

●Mondale for President Committee, Professional Field Staff, Political Organizer, 9/83 - 7/84
Political organizer in Chicago, IL and Philadelphia, PA.  Responsible for coalition building, fundraising, event planning, media, outreach to groups and local politicians, and overall coordination of three congressional districts during the 1984 presidential campaign. Focus on outreach to particular voter groups and organizations within the congressional districts, including women’s groups, religious organizations, gay and lesbian groups, environmental groups, and coordination with the African-American outreach staff.  Conducted advance work for candidate campaign events to the Congressional districts.

●Minnesota House of Representatives, Page, 1/83 - 6/83
Page for the 1983 Legislative Session, assisting the Appropriations Committee and the House floor.


●Congressman Martin Olav Sabo, Constituent Affairs Intern, 1/82 - 11/82
Intern in the Washington D.C. and District offices, drafting letters and handling responses to constituents from the District.  Coordination with other Congressional offices from Minnesota. Attendance at selected meetings to communicate information to the Congressman, including meeting with American Indian representatives from across Minnesota   Assist on Fall campaign with door-to-door campaigning.

●Minnesota Daily, Account Executive, 9/80-12/81
Top Account Executive in the advertising section of the University of Minnesota newspaper, a daily newspaper with an audited print run of 40,000 copies, selling display advertisement placement for small and large businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Work with the creative staff to design the advertising campaign for the top Twin Cities radio station during the audience rating sweep periods.


Visiting Professor, Monash University, EU Centre, Melbourne, Australia, fellowship to conduct research on national human rights institutions, opportunities for learning and good practice exchange Europe region and Asia Pacific, May 13-June 30, 2013. 

Visiting Professor, University of Paris 1, Sorbonne, Department of Political Science, teaching a graduate seminar “Comparative Democratic Institutions, Europe and the United States,” 85 students, Spring Semester, Paris, February – April 2005. 

Visiting Professor,Moscow State University, lecture series on “Democracy and the Mass Media,” 60 students,Moscow, April 2003.

Visiting Professor, University of Cape Town, lecture series on “Theoretical and Empirical Research on Democracy in Multi-Level Settings,” Master class, 20 students, Cape Town, South Africa. June 2003.



Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, European and EU Centre, fellowship for research study to compare national human rights institutions in the Asia Pacific and European regions, May-June 2013.

Columbia University, Institute for the Study of Human Rights, invited Visiting Scholar, research sabbatical, Spring Term, New York, 2010.

Jean Monnet Fellowship, European University Institute (EUI)
Awarded fellowship for research sabbatical at the European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Florence.  Research on multi-level strategies of civil society organizations in the member states and the European Union striving for anti-discrimination. 1/06-6/06.

Visiting Scholar, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)
Dissertation research funded by the German Academic Exchange Service/ Fulbright at the WZB under the direction of  Prof. Dr. Max Kaase and Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Klingemann, Berlin, 8/94-7/96.

German Bundestag Internship Program
Fellowship to study at the University of Bonn and to intern for a Member of Parliament from Eastern Germany in the Bundestag,  Bonn 9/92 - 6/93.

Manfred Wörner Seminar, German Marshall Fund of the United States
Invited by the U.S. State Department to join a delegation to attend this program in Bonn and Berlin designed to examine German and European security policy and discuss common U.S. - German security interests, 10/89.

National Merit Commended Student
Four year scholarship based on theU.S.  Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), top 5%national test score, 9/79-6/83.


LISBOAN (Linking Interdisciplinary Integration Studies by Broadening the European Network), Coordinator for the University of Groningen’s participation in this network of 67 Universities across Europe. Organizer of a conference in the Hague at the Dutch ministry of  the Interior and the second chamber of the parliament, focused on changes in governance in the field of fundamental human rights and the Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice (AFSJ), 2010-2013.

CONNEX. Member of the Research Group 4 on interest groups and multi-level governance, headed by Prof. Beate Kohler Koch, considering the intersection between vertical governmental representation and horizontal governance structures in the EU and the member states.

ERC. Director of the European Research Colloquium of the Netherlands Institute of Government and CONNEX.  Provides secondary mentoring to PhD students writing dissertations on the EU and comparative European politics.  First group, 2002-2004, European integration and Europeanization, second group, 2005-2006, Democratic Legitimacy and the European Union., third group, 2007-2008, processes of transnationalization in Western and Eastern Europe.



Freedom, Security, and Justice in the European Union: Internal and External Dimensions of Increased Cooperation after the Lisbon Treaty, co-edited with Paul Luif, Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Springer NY, in-print 2014.

The Transnationalization of Economies, States, and Civil Societies: New Challenges for Governance in Europe, co-edited with Laszlo Bruszt (European University Institute), Springer NY 2009.

Democratic Governance and European Integration: Linking Societal and State Processes of Democracy, co-edited with Erik Albaek (University of Southern Denmark), Edward Elgar, UK,2007. [1]

European Research Reloaded: Cooperation and Integration among Europeanized States, co-edited with Markus Haverland (Leiden), Springer NY 2006.

Book in progress. Governance and Decentralization in Contemporary Indonesia: Challenges of governance, decentralization, and growth to achieve sustainable society in the 21st Century, with Rafael Wittek and Johan Woltjer, forthcoming 2014.



 ‘Democratic Legitimacy and the European Union,’ a special issue of The Journal of European Integration,’ vol. 29, no. 3, 2007.

PUBLISHED ARTICLES                        

‘Gay Rights are Human Rights: The framing of  new interpretations of international human rights norms’ chapter in George Andreopoulos and Zehra Arat (eds.) The Uses and Misuss of human rights: A Critical Approach to Advocacy. London, NY, Palgrave MacMillan, 2014.

‘State-Sponsored Homophobia and the Denial of the Right of Assembly in Central and Eastern Europe: The ‘boomerang’ and the ‘ricochet’ between European organization and civil society to uphold human rights,’ Law & Policy, Issue 1-2, vol. 35, March 2013.

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‘Talent to Change for: LGBT Employee Research Leading the Way in Diversity’ with Karima Zahi and Satwant Kaur, for Workplace Pride, research funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science,, June 2012.

‘Synthesis Report 2011: Older Workers, Discrimination and Employment.’ Network of Socio-Economic Experts in the Field of Anti-Discrimination, co-authored report for the European Commission, DG Justice,, March  2012.

‘Synthesis Report 2010: Part I Combating Discrimination based on Ethnic Origin, ,
Part II Combating Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation’,
Co-authored report, Network of Socio-Economic Experts in the Field of Anti-Discrimination, report for the EU Commission, Employment, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities, published May 2011.

‘Synthesis Report 2009:  Anti-Discrimination in the Member States of the European Union’ Network of Socio-Economic Experts in the Field of Anti-Discrimination, co-authored report for the EU Commission, Employment, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities, published,, December 2009.

‘Raising awareness and monitoring and developing non-discrimination rights and policy,’ in The Role of NGOs and Trade Unions in Combating Discrimination, European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities,,  September 2009.

‘The role of NGOs and trade unions in awareness raising and developing and monitoring national discrimination law and policy:  Working together to build more just societies, free from discrimination,’   in English, French, German, and Hungarian, report for the EU Commission, Employment, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities, July 2009.



Discussant, The European Union and ASEAN: Towards a New Assessment, panel organized by Prof. Philomena Murray, University of Melbourne, International Political Science Association (IPSA), Montreal, July 19-24, 2014.

‘Gay Rights are Human Rights: The framing of  new interpretations of international human rights norms’ for the panel  The use and misuse of human rights: ongoing challenges for the human rights discourse, International Political Science Association (IPSA), Montreal, July 19-24, 2014.

The Equality Architecture of the European Union and the Role of the Commission in ‘Enhanced Learning Opportunities’ among the Member States,’ presented at the European Sociological Association, Turin, Italy, August 2013.

‘Opportunities for Progress toward Equality and Non-Discrimination: The Equality Architecture and Enhanced Learning Mechanisms within the European Union’ presented at the European Sociological Association, Milan, December 1, 2012, for special journal issue edited by Carlo Ruzzo and Virginie Guiraudon, Anti-Discrimination Groups: Mobilization at EU Level, proposed to Political Studies.

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‘Strategizing across borders: LGBT organizations sharing internal and external successes and challenges at the National, EU, and UN levels’
Copenhagen Outgames, Conference on Human Rights, Copenhagen, July 27-29, 2009.

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“The Power of Opposition Parties in National Parliaments to Scrutinize EU Decision-making in the Member States: Comparing Laws, Institutions, and Party Behaviors,” presented at the conference “National Parliaments and the European Union” at the University of Limerick, on the occasion of the Irish Presidency of the EU, May 2004.

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"National Parliamentary Scrutiny of Decision-Making over EU Issues: The Strategic Incentives of Party Factions in Germany and the Netherlands,” presented at the European Consortium for Political Research conference, Copenhagen, April 2000.

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"Party Competition, Campaign Communication, and Party Systems: Germany after Reunification," presented at the European Consortium for Political Research conference on Party System Change in Europe, Oslo, March 1996.



Monash University, European and EU Centre, International Research Fellowship to study regional mechanisms involving national human rights mechanisms in the Asian Pacific Region, May-June, 2013.  6000 Australian dollars.

Dutch Ministry of Education, serving as Scientific Director, Company Pride Platformfor research program ‘Talent to Change For:  LGBT Employee Research Leading the Way in Diversity.’ Research consists of focus groups and interviews with CEOs, human resource directors, management, and employees of the largest Dutch companies, to analyze the implementation of diversity policies. 30.000 Euros, October 2011 – June 2012.

Senior Expert, Network of Socio-Economic Experts in the Anti-Discrimination Field, established by the European Commission. Selected as one of four senior European experts to develop  a methodology to be used by 27 national experts to assess the implementation and success of anti-discrimination measures, review of national strategy reports prepared under the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) procedure, preparation of synthesis reports and comparative studies on social inclusion and protection, and meetings with stakeholders at the national level and with the European Commission to recommend possible new legislative, policy, or action programs in this policy area. 800.000 Euro annually, renewable up to three times (3.2 million Euros), January 2009 – 2013.

Connecting Excellence on European Governance (CONNEX), EU 6th Framework Program
8/2006, Grant to establish a secondary mentoring program for PhD students on Transnationalization in Western and Eastern Europe, with meetings held in Warsaw, Budapest, and Prague. 36.500 Euro.

Connecting Excellence on European Governance (CONNEX), EU 6th Framework Program, 12/2004. Grant to establish a secondary mentoring program for PhD students recruited from across Europe, East and West, concerning Democratic legitimacy and the European Union, 25.200 Euro.

Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG), 12/2004
Grant to establish a second European Research Colloquium concerning Democratic legitimacy and the European Union with PhD students from Dutch universities. 15.000 Euro

Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG), 8/2002
Grant to establish the European Research Colloquium to provide secondary mentoring on research concerning Europeanization and integration of the European Union for PhD students from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and the Czech Republic. 48.000 Gulden

Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Danish Social Science Research Council, 10/2002 and 10/2003
Grant for the conference series “Dialogue on Democracy” held in Copenhagen, Denmark and Enschede, Netherlands with scholars from across Europe, 14.000 Euro

University of Twente “Potential” Research Grant, 10/99
Grant for research on national parliamentary scrutiny over EU decision-making in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, 36.000 Gulden

German Academic Exchange Service - Fulbright (DAAD-Fulbright), 8/94
Grant for research on party competition after reunification in Germany, 29.000 DM



Speaker, Network of Socio-Economic Experts in the Area of Non-discrimination, annual meeting with the European Commission, DG Justice, ‘Older Workers, Discrimination, and Employment’ Brussels, December 2011.

Key-Note speaker, Vereniging van Groninger Gemeenten (VGG), Association of Dutch Municipalities, 90 anniversary jubileum with over 100 mayors and alderman, ‘Cooperation across boundaries: The EU and regional cooperation among Groningen Gemeenten’ Huizinge, Nov. 2011.

Speaker, Good Practice Exchange, Combating Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation in the Member States, invited senior EU expert, Tallinn, Estonia, presentation to the European Commission and 11 national government of the EU network of experts, synthesis report on combatting discrimination based on sexual orientation,Sept. 29-30, 2011.

Speaker, Network of Socio-Economic Experts in the Area of Non-discrimination, annual meeting with the European Commission, DG Employment and Equal Opportunities, ‘Effective Governance of Equality in the Member States: Equality Bodies, NGOs, and the Social Partners.’ Brussels, December 2010.

Speaker, IGS (Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies) Meeting with the UT President and  Executive Board, ‘New ways forward for internationalization, research-based teaching, and dissemination at the University of Twente,’ November 2010.

Speaker, senior EU expert, annual meeting of the Network of Socio-Economic Experts in the field of Non-discrimination with the European Commission, ‘Institutional Framework and Governance Issues for Non-discrimination’ Brussels, December 2009.

Speaker, United Nations,Alliance of Civilizations, presentation on the European Union’s activities on anti-discrimination, see,english/. New York, August 2009.

Key-note speaker, Annual European Commission Anti-Discrimination Conference, Budapest conference on the Role of NGOs and Trade Unions in the Fight against Discrimination at National Level, speech ‘Working Together to Build More Just Societies, Free from Discrimination.’  Also planning and consultation on event with the European Commission for 225 participants from civil society and trade unions from all 27 member states and beyond, Budapest, June 25-26, 2009.

Vrije University Amsterdam, Guest lecture: ‘European Union Elections 2009 - politics and policy for the coming parliamentary period,’ 200 students, May 2009.

Evert Vermeer Stichting, Africa Day, presentation on ‘Obama and the new Africa Policy,’ The Hague, April 2009.

The First 100 Days: Barak Obama, Inspiration for the Netherlands and Europe? Dutch Foreign Ministry and US Embassy. Organizer and speaker at this event with Frans Timmermans, Minister for European Affairs, Michael Gallagher, US Embassy, and Sophie in ‘t Veld, member of the European Parliament and invited professors from the University of Twente, University of Amsterdam and the Free University Amsterdam for students and the Dutch public at the University of Amsterdam, 125 persons, Graduate School of  Social Sciences.  April 2009.

Associação ILGA Portugal, invitedspeaker at the conference on ‘Mainstreaming LGBT policies’ with representatives from the EU, Portuguese and Dutch governments.  Press interview with Journal de Negocios.  Lisbon, March 2009.

Key-Note Lecture, Democracy and Civil Society,Netherlands European Youth Parliament, chambers of the Amsterdam City Council with the Czech Ambassador to theNetherlands, Feb. 2009

U.S. Inauguration Event organizer of this event to discuss the new US administration with Ben Canavan, Economic Affairs, US Embassy, Den Hague, with University of Twente students, January 21, 2009.  Press coverage in regional newspaper Tubantia.

Speech, Macalester College study abroad students in Amsterdam, Democracy and Civil Society in the European Union, Jan. 2009.

U.S. Election Night Event, Honors students from VU and UvA, hosted an event from midnight until 6 am with 350 students, featuring the Deputy Counsel, US Consulate Amsterdam and other speakers interpreting the US election.  Event received both print and web TV coverage (Het Parool web, Folia TV, Campus TV). Preparation of article for University of Amsterdam Folia magazine ‘Colors of the American election’ 10/31/2008. November 2009.

U.S. Presidential Debate, organized event with students to watch and analyze the second US Presidential debate and discuss the US elections.  Event covered by TV Ost, prepared article for UT News, October 2008.

U.S. Presidential Primary, lecture to discuss the US caucus and primary system and the race of the Democrats and Republicans for their political party nomination, University of Twente, April 2008.

Key-Note speaker, Netherlands Fulbright Alumni Association (NFAA) and the Ivy Circle, alumni association of graduates of U.S. Ivy League Universities, ‘Civil Society and Democracy’ Faculty Club Utrecht. Thanksgiving, November 2007.

Speaker and organizer of visit by Deans of the Southern Federal University, Rostov, Russia to University College Utrecht, ‘Innovations in Higher Education’, November 1, 2007.

Lecture, European Summer School for PhD Candidates - Contested Compliance – Fostering Democracy in Europe: Social, Political, and Cultural Obstacles to Compliance to European Norms.  GraduateSchool for Social Research, PolishAcademy of Sciences ‘Civil Society Organizations and European and National Contestation over Human Rights,’ Wierzba, Poland. September 2007.

Lecture, Erasmus Intensive Program on Citizenship, Inclusion, and Active Citizenship (DIAC), Utrecht Network, Bologna Summer School, ‘Civil Society Organizations and Multi-Level Governance,’ Ripatransone, Italy, July 2007.



Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (Rijksbankens Jubileumsfond). Chair of oversight and advisory committee for funded research ‘Pride Parades in Six European Countries’, appointment November 2013.

Diversity Day Groningen, one of the organizers of this event in the public library and the center of the city with Discrimination Point Groningen, and subsequently  published an article about the links between teaching, research and valorization in the university newspaper, see, October 4, 2013

Organizer of a symposium at Monash University, European and EU Centre ‘Increasing the Effectiveness of Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Institutions in Europe and Australia,’  with Karen Toohey, Commissioner, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and Laurien Koster, President, Netherlands national human rights institution, to bring together policymakers and academics, August 7, 2013, Melbourne, Australia.

Meetings in Jakarta, Indonesia with various Indonesian ministries (planning, foreign, justice), the World Bank, and the EU delegation related to the SInGA research program at the University of Groningen, good governance and sustainable society, involving 7 PhD candidates, July 2013.

World Bank. Meetings with officials to discuss the worldwide Good governance indicators. Research related to a Groningen PhD inter-disciplinary hub ‘Good Governance and Sustainable Society’ with the research question ‘How can improved multi-level governance (international, national, local) lead to sustainable societies in middle-income developing countries? Washington, D.C., December 2012. 

Election Night Groningen, Forum Groningen, town hall style meeting on US domestic and foreign policy, with comparisons to the Netherlands, as part of the election night activities. Interview article in Dagblad van het Noorden, p. 2. ‘Amerikaanse Verkiezingen.’ Nov. 6, 2012.

Conference, Europe’s Common Foreign and Security Policy, Institute for Europaische Politik, Berlin, October 2012,

Equality and Diversity Day in Groningen, initiator, andpart of the organizational committee organizing a set of events focused on equality and diversity on a Saturday in Groningen, including a lecture on multiple discrimination by D. Ghidei, Commissioner, Commissie Gelijke Behandeling in the City Hall, coalition building with local NGOs, and outreach to the broader public in the city’s public squares. Oct. 2012.  Also, October 2013, year 2.

Company Pride Platform, annual conference, ‘Talent to Change For’ presented our research results in front of 200 persons from the 20 largest employers from across the Netherlands, see
Amsterdam, June 2012

Indonesian government delegation, Ministry of National Development Planning, SPIRIT program for bureaucratic reform, World Bank, discussions surrounding the establishment of  Master and PhD research program  at the University of Groningen for civil servants. November 2011.

LISBOAN Erasmus Academic Network, organizer and co-convenor of conference ‘Governance Changes in the Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice after the Lisbon Treaty,’ at the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Dutch Second Parliamentary chamber, with 9 scholars from across Europe. October 20, 21, 2011 The Hague.

Pink Saturday, Groningen.  remarks from the main stage in the public square in front of 400+ persons, concerning gay pride marches across Europe, and the need for trade unions and civil society organizations to work together across borders, July 2, 2011.

Visit of Boris Dittrich, Human Rights Watch, to the University of Groningen, organized visit for him to speak about the work of HRW around the world to master students and faculty interested in human right issues, July 1, 2011.

Court of Justice of the European Union, visit of  Sacha Prechal, ECJ Judge to the University of Groningen Law School, question and answer in public forum  regarding the progress made in the case law of both the ECJ and the ECtHR to secure rights for LGBT persons.

Court of Justice of the European Union. ‘The Role of the ECJ in EU Integration after Lisbon,’ TransEuropean Policy Studies Association and CER, discussion with justices and scholars on fundamental rights, justice and home affairs, and EU citizenship, Luxembourg, May 6, 2011.

Company Pride Platform, Netherlands, member of Research and Knowledge Task Force, LGBT research, March 2011 –present.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations, the Netherlands. ‘EU Grondrechtenagentschap (FRA) in Nederland,’  invited to attend a conference program at the ministry to discuss Dutch goals toward the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency. April 2011.

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, meetings in the political science department concerning EU-Ethiopia relations and programs in the Horn of Africa related to development, governance, and human rights, Addis Ababa, January 2011.

Discussant, Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality, panel on ‘The EU and Progress Toward Gender Equality,’ Amsterdam, January, 2011.

Commissie Gelijke Behandeling invited guest, annual speech, Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Chair, Social and Economic Council (SER), on employment and discrimination, December 2010.

Belgian Presidency, 4th Annual Equality Summit, workshop chair for this conference which brings together ministers from the member states, NGOs, and social partners to discuss equality and non-discrimination, Brussels, November 2010.

Netherlands Fulbright Alumni Association (NFAA), attend Thanksgiving speech by Dutch Minister Frans Timmermans, with Dutch people that attended US universities on exchange, Utrecht, Nov. 2010.

ILGA-Europe, participation in this annual meeting of the International Lesbian and Gay Association with organizers from across Europe, the Dutch government, and representatives from the EU, The Hague, October 2010.

Fundamental Rights Agency, meetings about changes to the EU’s decision-making in the Area of Freedom, Justice, and Security (AFSJ) after the Lisbon Treaty, new opportunities for the development of fundamental human rights and non-discrimination, Vienna,  October 2010.

Austrian Institute for International Affairs, discussion with Paul Luif to co-edit a special journal issue focused on changes in governance and policy in the Area of Security, Freedom, and Justice (AFSJ) after Lisbon, following a conference in the Netherlands with invited scholars from the LISBOAN network, the Dutch government, and the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency, Vienna, October 2010.

Chair, ‘Regulation by Standardization: Limits and Implementation of (Regulatory) Governance’ for the conference - Tentative Governance in Emerging Science and Technology: Actor Constellations, Institutional Arrangements & Strategies,’ organized by Eu-SPRI Forum and the Twente Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS), October 2010.

City of Utrecht and Human Rights, attendance at event in city hall celebrating 60 years of COC, spoke with the mayor about new policy under development to declare Utrecht a human rights city, appointment in November with civil servant policy maker to discuss the inclusion of equality and non-discrimination in the cities human rights agenda, September 2010.

Democrats Abroad, book presentation by Steven Hill ‘Europe’s Promise:  Why the European Way is Best for Insecure Times,’ Amsterdam, September 2010.

Stakeholders Meeting, Anti-Discrimination in the Netherlands, meeting with NGOs and government representatives, an outreach activity of the Network of Experts in the Field of Anti-Discrimination, funded by the European Commission, Nijmegen, October 12, 2010.

Human Rights and Conflict, conference participant, Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, Utrecht, September 9, 10, 2010.

Lijstrekkersdebat, candidate leaders debate before the Dutch National Election, COC, Amsterdam, May 28, 2010.

Equality Forum ‘GLBT Rights in Africa’ participant, Philadelphia, April 29, 2010.

European Commission and the Government Expert Group (GEG) , ‘Exchanging Best Practices in Combating Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation’ major conference with EU and 10 member states, participant and planning with Dutch government, Ministries of Education and Internal Affairs, The Hague, April 17-19, 2010.

US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Michael Posner,‘Tracking Human Rights Worldwide’ following the release of the 2009 Country Reports on Human Rights, question posed during Q & A, New York University (NYU)LawSchool,March 12, 2010.

Beijing +15 Review, CEDAW and Women’s Rights, NGO meeting on the current situation impacting women  in East Africa,  United Nations, New York, March 9, 2010.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) ‘Human Rights in Africa,’ organized by CLEGS, City University of New York, March 8, 2010.

Human Rights Watch, LGBT working group meeting, strategies for international engagement, New York, February 23, 2010.

Stakeholders Meeting, Anti-Discrimination in Germany, meeting with NGOs and government representatives, part of role as senior EU Expert for anti-discrimination, October 2009.

Copenhagen World Outgames, planned and conducted a workshop in the plenary hall with Western and Eastern European partners ‘Strategizing across borders: LGBT organizations sharing internal and external successes and challenges at the National, EU, and UN levels’ in English, Spanish and French. Conference on Human Rights, Copenhagen, July 27-29, 2009.

Invited Guest, Dutch Royal Academy, KNAW, Social Scientific Council workshops, ‘Democracy and the Rechtstaat’ and ‘Migration and Integration’, Amsterdam.  July 2009.

Invited guest, ‘Towards an International Rainbow Coalition’, with Michael Guest, Council for Global Equality, organized by the Hivos foundation, International Peace Palace, The Hague, June 2009

Invited guest, award gala, DutchGovernmentState Prize for Gay Emancipation, at the Royal Schouwburg, Den Hague, May 2009.

Invited guest, Dutch European Parliament candidate debate, human rights and the EU, organized by COC Netherlands. May 2009.

Scottish Parliament and Equality Unit of the Scottish Executive, interviews with the Equal Opportunities Committee convener and clerk of the committee, and civil servants in the Equality Unity responsible for policy development and implementation with government and civil society. April 2009.

Innovation for Good Local and Regional Governance – A European Challenge, participant in this conference at the University of Twente with academic, local government officials, and ministry officials from across Europe.  Discussion about the role of diversity and anti-discrimination in the policies of local governments, April 2009. Belgium Holiebi Expert Network ‘Network focal points -  LGBT friendly governments’, Flemish Equal Opportunities House, invited speaker, Feb.2009. 

Discussion and lecture for students and teachers,  Amsterdam High Schools with a diverse student population, including Reigersbos, Comenius Lyceum, and the International School of Amsterdam, Amstelveen concerning democratic participation and civil society. Initial discussion to establish tutoring between universities and schools to increase the under-represented in Dutch higher education. November 2008-March 2009.

Netherlands Ministry of the Interior and Constitutional Affairs.  Visit with European Studies students to learn about the impact of the EU on policy developments within the ministry, especially in the area of anti-discrimination. November 2008.

Guest of honor, Netherlands Fulbright Alumni Association (NFAA), Thanksgiving speech by Dutch Foreign Minister Maxine Verhagen and discussions concerning transatlantic relations at the dinner table with the minister, civil servants, academics, and business representatives. Nov. 2008

International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA-Europe), Vienna, participant, Discussion about strategy concerning the new EU anti-discrimination directive. Oct. 2008.

Vrije University Amsterdam, lecture to Honors Program of the VU, ‘Democracy, Civil Society, and You’ September 2008.

Netherlands North-African Gay and Lesbian debate, organized by NAFAR and COC with the Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen. August 1, 2008.

International Conference on Human Rights and Homophobia, interview with Jordi Petit, President d’Honor, Catalan Federation of Gay and Lesbian Organizations, Eurogames Barcelona, July 25, 2008.

Research-Policy Dialogues on Migration and Integration in Europe, IMISCOE conference, Commentary on contribution of speakers from the European Network against Racism (ENAR) and EUROCITIES, May 2008.

Chair, Democrats Abroad Netherlands Platform Issues Committee, preparation of resolutions for Democratic party regional convention in Brussels and Democratic National Convention in Denver, Jan-November 2008.

KeralaUniversity, LoyolaCollege of Social Science, Kerala, India, visit to learn about the social labs created to bring NGOs and visiting students together in service based learning opportunities in India, March 2008.

Réalité’s Européennes du Présent (REP), participation in NGO conference in Brussels ‘Europe: our Heritage, our City, our Future’ on citizen’s role in the EU, participation and deliberation. March 2008.

Democrats Abroad Global Primary.  Interviews with NOS Radio and Het Parool, Amsterdam, February 5, 2008.

European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Unit: Action against discrimination, Civil society,consultation concerning the 2008 strategy to extend the anti-discrimination directives outside the employment context.Brussels, January 2008.

Wiardi Beckman Foundation, PvDA think tank, ‘In Search of Progressive America’ participant in a closed session with ministers Wouter Bos (Vice PM) and Bert Kounders (International Cooperation and Development) and American and Dutch scholars on progressive thought. Amsterdam, December 2007.

Campaign Against Homophobia (Poland), Hatter Society (Hungary), Czech Gay Initiative (CzechRepublic).  Meetings across Eastern Europe to discuss national and European strategies, possible domestic coalition strategies with other civil society organizations and political parties, and transnational cooperation between organizations.  December 2007.

Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid (WRR), Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy, chair of panel ‘Politiek and Bestuur’  on expert roundtable ‘EU Legitimacy at the National Level,’ Clingendael, The Hague, November 30, 2007.

Austrian Ministry of Economy and Work, invitation to participate in ‘Tag der Chancengleichheit’, organized for the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities by the ministry and civil society organizations, Vienna, Austria. November 5, 2007.

ILGA-Europe. Meetings in Brussels concerning the strategy of the International Lesbian and Gay Association in Europe towards the European Union and the Council of Europe. July 2007.

COC- The LGBT Frontline:  Invitation to participate in a symposium organized by Joyce Hamilton, Vice President of COC (Dutch gay and lesbian organization) and head of internationalization, with leaders of gay and lesbian organizations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia with the Dutch Foreign Minister.  August, 2007.

Lbl – Danish National Association of Gay and Lesbians.  Invitation to attend the annual strategy meeting with regard to membership, legislation, and public outreach campaigns. May 2007.

Human Rights, Turkey.  Meetings with LAMDA Istanbul, Amnesty International, and scholars from Turkish universities working on anti-discrimination, September 2006.

Arcigay Italy – meeting with the President, Press secretary, Labor Liaison, and Health care specialist of the largest LGBT group in Italy, to discuss national and European strategies for anti-discrimination and partnership recognition. May 2006.

Dutch-American Relations, Celebration of 225 Year of Dutch-American Relations, invitation of the Dutch Prime Minister and American Ambassador to join the diplomatic corps and American and Dutch communities, The Hague, April 2007.

COSAC Meeting, Danish Presidency of the European Union, members of national parliaments from the EU, organized the ‘Copenhagen Dialogue on Democracy’ with academic scholars, members of parliament, and staff members from European Affairs Committees. Copenhagen, October 15-17, 2002.

U.S. White House, Meeting with the Deputy White House Political Director during the Clinton Presidency, to discuss polling and campaign strategy surrounding congressional district visits by the President, Washington, D.C., February 1999.

European Commission, Directorate-General Environment, Governance Public Hearings, ‘How to involve civil society/ the general public in decentralization.’  Written and oral submission, Brussels, March, 2001.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Germany.  Organizer of a visit by a delegation of SPD politicians and strategists to the University of Michigan to learn about the 1996 American election campaign. Ann Arbor, September 1996.



Organizer of informal gatherings, bringing together international academics to discuss the role of University and Society.

Forging a Progressive Trans-Atlantic Politics: event bridging the academic and the Dutch political world together, 40 persons, December 15, 2007.

The Role of the ‘other’ at the University: event bringing international faculty teaching and researching abroad together,  November 14, 2007.

Gender and Sexual Diversity and the University, June 4, 2007.

Ethnic Diversity and the University, October 22, 2005.



American Political Science Association (APSA). Research Sections: Human Rights, European Politics and Society,       Sexuality and Politics. Elected to serve on the executive committee of the Sexuality and Politics research section, 2010-2012.

European Sociological Association (ESA)

European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)

International Political Science Association (IPSA)

Senior Fellow:  Netherlands Institute for Government (NIG)

Associate Member:  Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality



Journal referee:    
European Journal of Political Research
Journal of European Integration                              
Comparative European Politics
Politicka misao, Zagreb, Croatia
Journal of Homosexuality

Book publishing referee:    
Palgrave Macmillan

Research Council referee:
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Research Area in Europe for the Social Sciences
Flanders Research Council (FWO)



American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
Sierra Club
Human Rights Campaign Fund (US)
COC (Netherlands) – member of international advisory board
Campaign Against Homophobia (Poland)
Eschowe Community Action Group (education – South Africa)
Books for Africa
Democrats Abroad Netherlands
Netherlands Fulbright Alumni Association
ABVAKABO-FNV, public sector union



U.S. Citizen, born in Chicago, Illinois, raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1961. Permanent Resident of the Netherlands since 1998.

Home Address: Billitonstraat 5, 9715 EM Groningen, the Netherlands

University of Groningen
Faculty of Arts
International Relations and International Organization (IRIO)
Oude kijk in’t Jatstraat 26
Postbus 716
9700 AS Groningen

Office phone: +31 50 363 5986



Racket sports - tennis, squash, badminton -  mountaineering, long distance cycling, classical and modern ballet, art and architecture, German expressionism.


Native English speaker.  Near fluent in German. Understand  spoken and written Dutch, conversational ability. Limited reading ability in Italian and Spanish. Extensive travel in Western and Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Indonesia,  Africa, Latin America, India, Japan, China, Australia and NZ.

[1] Four reviews of this book are available: David Bailey, Public Administration Review, September (2010), Alistair Jones, Public Policy and Administration, 23; 418 (2008), Arne Niemann, Acta Politica, 43; 498 (2008), and Christophe Bouillaud, Politique Européenne, 24; 157 (2008).


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