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A comprehensive multidisciplinary care pathway for hip fractures better outcome than usual care?

Compensatory Movement Patterns Are Based on Abnormal Activity of the Biceps Brachii and Posterior Deltoid Muscles in Patients with Symptomatic Rotator Cuff Tears

Intra-and interobserver reliability of determining the femoral footprint of the torn anterior cruciate ligament on MRI scans

Performing a knee arthroscopy among patients with degenerative knee disease: one-third is potentially low value care

The correlation between posterior tibial slope and dynamic anterior tibial translation and dynamic range of tibial rotation

"What affects the implementation of lifestyle interventions in patients with osteoarthritis?: A multidisciplinary focus group study among healthcare professionals"

Arthroscopic isolated long head of biceps tenotomy in patients with degenerative rotator cuff tears: mid-term clinical results and prognostic factors

Association Between Clinical and Imaging Outcomes After Therapeutic Loading Exercise in Patients Diagnosed With Achilles or Patellar Tendinopathy at Short- and Long-Term Follow-up: A Systematic Review

Bilateral changes in tendon structure of patients diagnosed with unilateral insertional or midportion achilles tendinopathy or patellar tendinopathy

Effect of ACL Reconstruction on Range of Tibial Rotation: A Systematic Review of Current Literature and a Recommendation for a Standard Measuring Protocol

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Unnecessary shoulder surgery

Fit in 20 minuten en zonder te zweten: kan dat?

Het dragen van een hockeybitje heeft geen zin

BMJ talk medicine Professor Ron Diercks talks about sports medicine research in the Netherlands

When Running Up Mileage, 10 Percent Isn’t the Cap

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