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High pixel number deformable mirror concept utilizing piezoelectric hysteresis for stable shape configurations

High Pixel Number Deformable Mirror Concept Utilizing Piezoelectric Hysteresis for Stable Shape Configurations

Influence functions for a hysteretic deformable mirror with a high-density 2D array of actuators

Modeling and analysis of a hysteretic deformable mirror with electrically coupled actuators

SPICA-A Large Cryogenic Infrared Space Telescope: Unveiling the Obscured Universe

High performance motion control for cryogenic nanopositioning mechanisms: Application to the METIS Cold Chopper mechanism

High performance motion control of the METIS Cold Chopper Mechanism

Hybrid controller design and verification for the METIS Cold Chopper Mechanism

In-flight calibration of the HIFI diplexers

Hybrid control synthesis for output regulation: application to the HIFI focal plane chopper

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