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APEX-SEPIA660 Early Science: gas at densities above 107 cm-3 towards OMC-1

Event Horizon Telescope imaging of the archetypal blazar 3C 279 at an extreme 20 microarcsecond resolution

Gravitational Test beyond the First Post-Newtonian Order with the Shadow of the M87 Black Hole

Monitoring the Morphology of M87* in 2009-2017 with the Event Horizon Telescope

Single-Layer Dichroic Filters for Multifrequency Receivers at THz Frequencies

SYMBA: An end-to-end VLBI synthetic data generation pipeline. Simulating Event Horizon Telescope observations of M 87

The Influence of LO Power Heating of the Tunnel Junction on the Performance of THz SIS Mixers

THEMIS: A Parameter Estimation Framework for the Event Horizon Telescope

Verification of Radiative Transfer Schemes for the EHT

Advanced tuning algorithms for high-frequency SIS mixers

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