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prof. dr. R.H. Koning

prof. dr. R.H. Koning


1984: Gymnasium

1988: drs. in Econometrics from University of Groningen, cum laude (comparable to MSc degree)

1992: Diploma Netherlands Networl of Quantitative Economics

1995: PhD from University of Groningen (title thesis: Essays in Applied Microeconometrics)


1992-1993: Assistant professor, Department of Econometrics, University of Groningen, research and teaching in applied micro econometrics.

1993-1994: Compulsory military service (11 months).

1994-1998: Assistant professor, Department of Econometrics, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, research and teaching in applied micro econometrics. 

spring 1996: Visiting assistant professor, Brown University (Providence, USA), research and teaching in applied micro econometrics.

1996-1998: Research fellow Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vrije Univer-siteit Amsterdam, research and teaching in applied micro econometrics.

1998-: Associate professor, Department of Econometrics, University of Groningen, research and teaching in actuarial science.

2004-: Professor of Sport Economics, University of Groningen (by special appointment of Mulier Instituut). 

Scientific activities

Associate editor of International Journal of Sports Finance

Associate editor of Journal of Quantitative Analysis of Sport

Vice chairman of European Sport Economics Association

(Recent) additional positions, management experience

2005-2007: Head of Department of Econometrics (approximately 20 people).  1 sep 2009: merger with Department of Economics.

2007-2009: Head of Department of Economics and Econometrics (approximately 50 people). 1 january 2010: merger with Department of Finance.

2010-: Head of Department of Economics, Econometrics and Finance (90 people). 

2006-2015: Member supervisory board (paid) Algemeen Belang (funeral insurer, insured capital m€131). Letter of no objection DNB: 13 july 2006, as-sessment DNB: 2 may 2013.

2007-2012: Board member (unpaid) Mulierinstituut, yearly turnover k€2000, treasurer in board. The institute has one statutory director who is supervised by the board. The Mulierinstituut employs 20 people.

2008-2012: Member steering committee Hora Est, software to facilitate PhD administration.

2008-: Chairman board (unpaid) of C.R. Rao foundation (assets: ke30), foundation supports research and teaching in statistics.

2009-2013: Chairman board of (unpaid) Praedinius Fonds (assets: k€430), foundation to support teaching at independent gymnasiums in Groningen.

2012: Statistical advisor to Committee Noort, to investigate fraud by D. Stapel.

2012-2015: Board member Sports Sciences Institute Groningen.

2014-: Member supervisory board (paid) Univ ́e Groningen (non-life insurer), vice-chairman and member of the audit/risk committee. 

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Contact information

Duisenberg Building

Working hours:
Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.