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A Multiple Case Study for Measuring the Experience of Virtual Reality and Physical Art Installations in the Museum

Parliamentary roll-call voting as a complex dynamical system: The case of Chile

Personality Expression in Body Motion Dynamics: Enactive, Embodied and Complex Systems Perspectives

Repeated conditionally automated driving on the road: How do drivers leave the loop over time?

The interacting partner as the immediate environment: Personality, interpersonal dynamics, and bodily synchronization

The nonlinearity of pupil diameter fluctuations in an insight task as criteria for detecting children who solve the problem from those who do not

A multiple case study for measuring the experience of Virtual Reality and physical art installations in the museum

Emergent Patterns during Conversations: Nonverbal Speech Synchronization and Personality

Exploring the experiential dimensions of Virtual Reality and physical art installations in the museum: A multiple case study

In Tune? Multimodal Mother-Child Interpersonal Coordination During Early Childhood

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Experiencing Art Installations: Does it matter whether it’s physical or virtual?

Your body reveals how you feel about that work of art

Duo-Interview: Perspectives on Social Coordination

Where does cognition reside?

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