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A multiple case study for measuring the experience of Virtual Reality and physical art installations in the museum

Exploring the experiential dimensions of Virtual Reality and physical art installations in the museum: A multiple case study

Measuring Experiences of Art in the Museum: Exploring Methodology for Getting It Right

Sensory processing in young children with visual impairments: Use and extension of the Sensory Profile

Applying bodily sensation maps to art-elicited emotions: An explorative study

Children's Perception of Facial Expressions

Easier Said Than Done? Task Difficulty's Influence on Temporal Alignment, Semantic Similarity, and Complexity Matching Between Gestures and Speech

Keeping the driver in the loop in conditionally automated driving: A perception-action theory approach

Keeping the driver in the loop through semi-automated or manual lane changes in conditionally automated driving

The first application of bodily sensation maps in new media visual art encounters

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Experiencing Art Installations: Does it matter whether it’s physical or virtual?

Your body reveals how you feel about that work of art

Duo-Interview: Perspectives on Social Coordination

Where does cognition reside?

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