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A Multiple Case Study for Measuring the Experience of Virtual Reality and Physical Art Installations in the Museum

Parliamentary roll-call voting as a complex dynamical system: The case of Chile

Personality Expression in Body Motion Dynamics: Enactive, Embodied and Complex Systems Perspectives

Repeated conditionally automated driving on the road: How do drivers leave the loop over time?

The interacting partner as the immediate environment: Personality, interpersonal dynamics, and bodily synchronization

The nonlinearity of pupil diameter fluctuations in an insight task as criteria for detecting children who solve the problem from those who do not

The Relationship Between Parent-Child Movement Synchrony and Social Behavior of Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Children Diagnosed with Down Syndrome

Unravelling the many facets of human cooperation in an experimental study

A multiple case study for measuring the experience of Virtual Reality and physical art installations in the museum

Emergent Patterns during Conversations: Nonverbal Speech Synchronization and Personality

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Experiencing Art Installations: Does it matter whether it’s physical or virtual?

Your body reveals how you feel about that work of art

Duo-Interview: Perspectives on Social Coordination

Where does cognition reside?

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