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Low-fat diet with caloric restriction reduces white matter microglia activation during aging

Diet-induced metabolic dysfunction: Systemic views on micro- and macrovascular pathologies

Effects of Anthocyanin and Flavanol Compounds on Lipid Metabolism and Adipose Tissue Associated Systemic Inflammation in Diet-Induced Obesity

High-fat diet induced obesity primes inflammation in adipose tissue prior to liver in C57BL/6j mice

Obesity-induced chronic inflammation in C57Bl6J mice, a novel risk factor in the progression of renal AA amyloidosis?

Obesity-induced chronic inflammation in high fat diet challenged C57BL/6J mice is associated with acceleration of age-dependent renal amyloidosis

Epicatechin attenuates atherosclerosis and exerts anti-inflammatory effects on diet-induced human-CRP and NFκB in vivo

Beneficial Effects of an Alternating High- Fat Dietary Regimen on Systemic Insulin Resistance, Hepatic and Renal Inflammation and Renal Function

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Groningen en Drenthe scoren keer op keer geweldig met strategie om gezond oud te worden

Noord-Nederland koploper EU in Healthy Ageing

Noord-Nederland voorbeeld voor EU op gebied van gezond ouder worden