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Grutto Landschap Project Jaarverslag 2022: De staat van ons landschap: Biomonitoring van duurzame landbouw innovaties

High resolution mass spectrometric suspect screening, wide-scope target analysis of emerging contaminants and determination of legacy pollutants in adult black-tailed godwit Limosa limosa limosa in the Netherlands: A pilot study

Land‐use intensity impacts habitat selection of ground‐nesting farmland birds in the Netherlands

Black-tailed Godwits (Limosa limosa) in southern Iberia, habitat description and finding colour marked birds from 1 – 26 February 2022: Portugal (Sado, Tejo & Algarve), Spain (Doñana & Extremadura)

Grutto Landschap Project - Jaarverslag 2021: De staat van ons landschap: biomonitoring van duurzame landbouw innovaties

Mapping agricultural biodiversity: Legacy data and tensions between ways of seeing fields

Grutto Landschap Project - Jaarverslag 2020: De staat van ons landschap: biomonitoring van duurzame landbouw innovaties

Implications of landscape configuration on understory forage productivity: A remote sensing assessment of native forests openings

Planetary limits to soil degradation

Abundance of arthropods as food for meadow bird chicks in response to short- and long-term soil wetting in Dutch dairy grasslands

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Opinie: Ga niet wéér twijfel zaaien: aan die stikstofdoelen valt echt niet te ontkomen

Wildcamera's moeten predatoren in Zuidwest-Fryslân in kaart brengen

Satellite identifies bird-friendly meadows

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