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Verteporfin ameliorates fibrotic aspects of Dupuytren's disease nodular fibroblasts irrespective the activation state of the cells

Collagen release by human hepatic stellate cells requires vitamin C and is efficiently blocked by hydroxylase inhibition

Macromolecular Crowding as a Tool to Screen Anti-fibrotic Drugs: The Scar-in-a-Jar System Revisited

Exploring organ-specific features of fibrogenesis using murine precision-cut tissue slices

Glimpses into the molecular pathogenesis of Peyronie's disease

Inhibition of tyrosine kinase receptor signaling attenuates fibrogenesis in an ex vivo model of human renal fibrosis

Intestinal stenosis in Crohn's disease shows a generalized upregulation of genes involved in collagen metabolism and recognition that could serve as novel anti-fibrotic drug targets

KRAB-Induced Heterochromatin Effectively Silences PLOD2 Gene Expression in Somatic Cells and is Resilient to TGFβ1 Activation

Predictive Value of Precision-Cut Kidney Slices as an Ex Vivo Screening Platform for Therapeutics in Human Renal Fibrosis

Collagen cross-linking mediated by lysyl hydroxylase 2: an enzymatic battlefield to combat fibrosis

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