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From Context Collapse to “Safe Spaces”: Selective Avoidance Through Tie Dissolution on Social Media

Political implications of disconnection on social media: A study of politically motivated unfriending

Political Rumor Communication on Instant Messaging Platforms: Relationships With Political Participation and Knowledge

Affective Effect: Issue Engagement on a Youth E-Participation Platform

Citizens' Use of the Internet and Public Service Delivery: A Longitudinal Study of the First-Level Administrative Divisions in China (1997-2014)

What Predicts Selective Avoidance on Social Media? A Study of Political Unfriending in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Citizen-Driven International Networks and Globalization of Social Movements on Twitter

I Shield Myself From Thee: Selective Avoidance on Social Media During Political Protests

Social media and citizen engagement: A meta-analytic review

Social Media and Offline Political Participation: Uncovering the Paths From Digital to Physical

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