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Freshwater competition among agricultural, industrial, and municipal sectors in a water-scarce country. Lessons of Pakistan’s fifty-year development of freshwater consumption for other water-scarce countries

The importance of irrigation supply chains within the water footprint: an example from the Pakistani part of the Indus basin

The water, land and carbon footprint of conventional and organic dairy systems in the Netherlands and Spain. A case study into the consequences of ecological indicator selection and methodological choices

Water, land and carbon footprints of Chinese dairy in the past and future

Extreme events in the European renewable power system: Validation of a modeling framework to estimate renewable electricity production and demand from meteorological data

The water–energy nexus in irrigated agriculture in South Asia:: Critical hotspots of irrigation water use, related energy application, and greenhouse gas emissions for wheat, rice, sugarcane, and cotton in Pakistan

A review of water stress and water footprint accounting

Biogas feedstock potentials and related water footprints from residues in China and the European Union

Can crop residues provide fuel for future transport? Limited global residue bioethanol potentials and large associated land, water and carbon footprints

Energy and carbon footprints for irrigation water in the lower Indus basin in Pakistan, comparing water supply by gravity fed canal networks and groundwater pumping

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