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Bioinspired Processing of Keratin into Upcycled Fibers through pH-Induced Coacervation

Correction to “Solvent Additive-Induced Deactivation of the Cu–ZnO(Al2O3)-Catalyzed γ-Butyrolactone Hydrogenolysis: A Rare Deactivation Process”

Development of a Multi-Enzymatic Biocatalytic System through Immobilization on High Quality Few-Layer bio-Graphene

Different healing characteristics of thiol-bearing molecules on CVD-grown MoS2

Eco-friendly synthesis of graphene oxide–palladium nanohybrids

Effect of intermolecular interactions on the glass transition temperature of chemically modified alternating polyketones

Electrically Conductive and Highly Stretchable Piezoresistive Polymer Nanocomposites via Oxidative Chemical Vapor Deposition

Germanane and butyl-functionalized germanane as visible-light photocatalysts for the degradation of water pollutants

In situ SnSe deposition as passivation for scalable and stable quasi-2D lead-tin perovskite solar cells

Lightweight Triboelectric Nanogenerators Based on Hollow Stellate Cellulose Films Derived from Juncus effusus L. Aerenchyma

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