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Practical matters How to find us P. (Petra) Rudolf, Prof Dr

P. (Petra) Rudolf, Prof Dr

Professor Experimental Solid State Physics and Dean of Graduate Studies
Profielfoto van P. (Petra) Rudolf, Prof Dr
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+31 6 3042 0465 (mobile)


Bioinspired Processing of Keratin into Upcycled Fibers through pH-Induced Coacervation

Development of a Multi-Enzymatic Biocatalytic System through Immobilization on High Quality Few-Layer bio-Graphene

Nearly-freestanding supramolecular assembly with tunable structural properties

New insights in polydopamine formation via surface adsorption

Nickel Boride (NixB) Nanocrystals: From Solid-State Synthesis to Highly Colloidally Stable Inks

Temperature-responsive and biocompatible nanocarriers based on clay nanotubes for controlled anti-cancer drug release

All-dry, one-step synthesis, doping and film formation of conductive polypyrrole

Copper-doped activated carbon from amorphous cellulose for hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide storage

Effect of deep eutectic solvents on the biocatalytic properties of beta- glucosidase@ZnOFe nano-biocatalyst

H2S removal by copper enriched porous carbon cuboids

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