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How to find us prof. dr. P. (Petra) Rudolf

prof. dr. P. (Petra) Rudolf

Professor Experimental Solid State Physics and Dean of Graduate Studies
prof. dr. P. (Petra) Rudolf


A diamino-functionalized silsesquioxane pillared graphene oxide for CO2 capture

Boosting the Thermoelectric Properties of PEDOT: PSS via Low-Impact Deposition of Tin Oxide Nanoparticles

Corrigendum to “On the S/W stoichiometry and triboperformance of WSxC(H) coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering” [Surface and Coatings Technology 365 (2019) 41-51]

Germanane Monolayer Films as Antibacterial Coatings

Synthesis of 2D Germanane (GeH): a New, Fast, and Facile Approach

Temperature-Adaptive Ultralubricity of a WS2/a-C Nanocomposite Coating: Performance from Room Temperature up to 500 °c

A facile approach to hydrophilic oxidized fullerenes and their derivatives as cytotoxic agents and supports for nanobiocatalytic systems

Advances in fluorescent carbon dots for biomedical applications

Correlating the Influence of Disulfides in Monolayers across Photoelectron Spectroscopy Wettability and Tunneling Charge- Transport

Defect ferromagnetism induced by lower valence cation doping: Li-doped SnO(2)nanoparticles

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Universities ramp up efforts to improve faculty gender balance and work climate in STEM

Maakt of kraakt de pandemie nu carrières van techvrouwen? - artikel

Lunch & Learn met Prof. Petra Rudolf


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