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Is timing everything? The timing of an M&A announcement in a merger wave

Learning From Divestitures to Complete Acquisitions: A Study Using Secondary Data and Logistic Regression Models to Explore the Determinants of Mergers and Acquisitions Completion Likelihood

Abandoned deals: the merger and acquisition process in the electricity and gas industry

Cross-Border M&As in Related and Technology-Intensive Industries: Evidence on the Dynamics of Spatial Distance, Industry Context, and Completion Likelihood of International Takeovers

Lessons from the flipside: How do acquirers learn from divestitures to complete acquisitions?

The Tide that lifts all boats? Acquisitions and CEO-TMT pay disparity in the Netherlands

Status, peer influence, and racio-ethnic diversity in times of institutional change: an examination from European Labour Law

Where do international board members come from? Country-level antecedents of international board member selection in European boards

As Good as Married? A Model of Premarital Cohabitation and Learning

Is cultural distance a bane or a boon for cross-border acquisition performance?

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