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Incidence and determinants of hypophosphatemia in diabetic ketoacidosis: an observational study

Favourable serum calcification propensity with intraperitoneal as compared with subcutaneous insulin administration in type 1 diabetes

Hypomagnesemia in persons with type 1 diabetes: associations with clinical parameters and oxidative stress

Impact of elevated HbA1c on long-term mortality in patients presenting with acute myocardial infarction in daily clinical practice: insights from a 'real world' prospective registry of the Zwolle Myocardial Infarction Study Group

Improved wellbeing and decreased disease burden after one-year use of flash glucose monitoring (flare-nl4)

Performance of continuous glucose monitoring devices during intensive exercise conditions in people with diabetes: the Mont Blanc experience

Performance of the eversense (tm) vs the freestylelibre flash (tm) glucose monitor during normal daily activities and intensive exercise in subjects with diabetes: the sierra nevada experience

Performance of the Eversense versus the Free Style Libre Flash glucose monitor during exercise and normal daily activities in subjects with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Serum Calcification Propensity and the Risk of Cardiovascular and All-Cause Mortality in the General Population: The PREVEND Study

The Systemic Redox Status Is Maintained in Non-Smoking Type 2 Diabetic Subjects Without Cardiovascular Disease: Association with Elevated Triglycerides and Large VLDL

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Introductie tandem insuline pomp in Nederland

Implantable insulin pump beneficial for persons with diabetes mellitus