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Chronically restricted or disrupted sleep as a causal factor in the development of depression

Restricted and disrupted sleep: Effects on autonomic function, neuroendocrine stress systems and stress responsivity

Poor sleep as a potential causal factor in aggression and violence

Sleep deprivation and hippocampal vulnerability: Changes in neuronal plasticity, neurogenesis and cognitive function

New neurons in the adult brain: The role of sleep and consequences of sleep loss

Oxalic acid and diacylglycerol 36:3 are cross-species markers of sleep debt

Human and rat gut microbiome composition is maintained following sleep restriction

Sleep research goes wild: New methods and approaches to investigate the ecology, evolution and functions of sleep

The European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) shows signs of NREM sleep homeostasis but has very little REM sleep and no REM sleep homeostasis

Sleep time in the European starling is strongly affected by night length and moon phase

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Starlings sleep less during summer and full-moon nights

Blije, slimme slapers

Wakker, maar niet opgewekt: Waarom slaapgebrek somber maakt

Bestaan er dieren die nooit slapen?

Is slapen voor apen?


Wolven dromen van bossen

Slaapgebrek kan depressie veroorzaken

Zonder slaap: Wat gebeurt er met je als je twee nachten niet slaapt?

Slaapproblemen oplossen kan al direct positief zijn

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