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Overexpression of Cyclin E1 or Cdc25A leads to replication stress, mitotic aberrancies, and increased sensitivity to replication checkpoint inhibitors

Premature mitotic entry induced by ATR inhibition potentiates olaparib inhibition-mediated genomic instability, inflammatory signaling, and cytotoxicity in BRCA2-deficient cancer cells

Replication stress: Driver and therapeutic target in genomically instable cancers

Replication-stress induced mitotic aberrancies in cancer biology

Never tear us a-PARP: Dealing with DNA lesions during mitosis

Progression through mitosis promotes PARP inhibitor-induced cytotoxicity in homologous recombination-deficient cancer cells

ATR inhibition preferentially targets homologous recombination-deficient tumor cells

p73 engages A2B receptor signalling to prime cancer cells to chemotherapy-induced death

Rif1 Is Required for Resolution of Ultrafine DNA Bridges in Anaphase to Ensure Genomic Stability

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