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Clinical and Radiologic Predictors of Parastomal Hernia Development After End Colostomy

Computed Tomography Screening for Early Lung Cancer, COPD and Cardiovascular Disease in Shanghai: Rationale and Design of a Population-based Comparative Study

A novel method for determining the Femoral-Tibial Angle of Knee Osteoarthritis on X-ray radiographs: data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

Application of artificial intelligence in cardiac CT: From basics to clinical practice

Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in diagnostic radiology: a technography study

Assessment of Dynamic Change of Coronary Artery Geometry and Its Relationship to Coronary Artery Disease, Based on Coronary CT Angiography

Automatic Pulmonary Nodule Detection in CT Scans Using Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Maximum Intensity Projection

Contextual Structured Reporting in Radiology: Implementation and Long-Term Evaluation in Improving the Communication of Critical Findings

Deep convolutional neural networks for multiplanar lung nodule detection: Improvement in small nodule identification

Deep learning for automated exclusion of cardiac CT examinations negative for coronary artery calcium

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DAME: Deep learning Algorithms for Medical image Evaluation

DAME project

Data control with AI: who’s in charge?

Coverage during ECR 2018 in the daily newspaper

How Radiologists can future-proof themselves by embracing 3D visualization

Radiologists can future-proof themselves by embracing 3D visualization.

EuSoMII: radiologists should actively engage in imaging informatics

8 Must-Attend Sessions at ECR 2017

Why do companies need sensor technology engineers?

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