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A proof-of-concept study on the use of a fluorescein-based 18F-tracer for pretargeted PET

Automated Radiosynthesis, Preliminary In Vitro/In Vivo Characterization of OncoFAP-Based Radiopharmaceuticals for Cancer Imaging and Therapy

Binding of the Dual-Action Anti-Parkinsonian Drug AG-0029 to Dopamine D-2 and Histamine H-3 Receptors: A PET Study in Healthy Rats

Dose-response assessment of cerebral P-glycoprotein inhibition in vivo with [ 18 F]MC225 and PET

EANM guideline on quality risk management for radiopharmaceuticals

Expression of CD39 Identifies Activated Intratumoral CD8+T Cells in Mismatch Repair Deficient Endometrial Cancer

Methods and equipment for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals

Pharmacokinetic Modeling of [11C]GSK-189254, PET Tracer Targeting H3 Receptors, in Rat Brain

Potential PET tracers for imaging of tumor-associated macrophages

Test-retest reproducibility of cerebral adenosine A(2A) receptor quantification using [C-11]preladenant

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