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Gamma-ray sources imaging and test-beam results with MACACO III Compton camera

Measurement of the 12C(p,n)12N reaction cross section below 150 MeV

First Experimental Demonstration of the Use of a Novel Planar Segmented HPGe Detector for Gamma Emission Tomography of Mockup Fuel Rods

In-air and in-water performance comparison of Passive Gamma Emission Tomography with activated Co-60 rods

Novel environmental monitoring detector for discriminating fallout and airborne radioactivity

Passive methods for spent fuel characterisation at the Finnish geological repository

Precision of the PET activity range during irradiation with 10C, 11C, and 12C beams

Quasi-real-time range monitoring by in-beam PET: a case for 15O

Author Correction: Improved Passive Gamma Emission Tomography image quality in the central region of spent nuclear fuel

Depth dose measurements in water for C-11 and C-10 beams with therapy relevant energies

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Beam-on PET tracks proton dose in real time

Proton beam radiotherapy. Getting the patient into focus.

Millennium Technology Prize nomination roadshow hits CERN

Protonentherapie. Het nauwkeuriger maken van protonentherapie.

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