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How to find us dr. P.F. (Patrick) van Rheenen
University Medical Center Groningen

dr. P.F. van Rheenen

Kinderarts MDL
dr. P.F. van Rheenen

UMCG Innovatieprijs 2019 (Zorg): “Me>>We” | Doel: MijnUMCG aanpassen tot een persoonlijke gezondheidsomgeving waar patiënt en zorgverlener gegevens kunnen uitwisselen (samen met Anneke Muller Kobold, klinisch chemicus)

ECCO-ESPGHAN Crohn's Disease Guideline Update | Chair | Date of completion: July 2020

NVK Richtlijn Neonatale Cholestase | Verwachte datum van voltooiing: Juni 2021

De-escalation of anti-TNF therapy in adolescents and young adults with IBD with tight faecal calprotectin and trough level monitoring (FREE-study) | The goal of our project is to closely monitor IBD patients who are willing to taper anti-TNF medication after longstanding remission, and to intervene early (before a relapse is clinically detectable). We will do this by using rapid diagnostic tests for measuring inflammatory activity and anti-TNF trough levels. We expect that a tightly controlled treatment de-escalation will result in a reduction of side effects, a reduction in medical costs and a negligible proportion of patients not getting back into remission when reverting to the initial dosing schedule. We aim to include adolescent and young adult patients from the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. This innovative research project is a unique cooperation between paediatric and adult gastroenterologists and strengthens the chain of care of patients with chronic gastrointestinal conditions | Start date: October 2020

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