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Research interests

I am primarily interested in improving the diagnostic yield of genome sequencing of patients who have a rare disease. I do this by integrating population genetics and transcriptomics.


Improving the diagnostic yield of exome-sequencing by predicting gene-phenotype associations using large-scale gene expression analysis

Identification of context-dependent expression quantitative trait loci in whole blood

Calling genotypes from public RNA-sequencing data enables identification of genetic variants that affect gene-expression levels

Picalo: principal interaction component analysis for the identification of discrete technical, cell-type, and environmental factors that mediate eQTLs

Brain expression quantitative trait locus and network analyses reveal downstream effects and putative drivers for brain-related diseases

Erratum to: Mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19 (Nature, (2021), 600, 7889, (472-477), 10.1038/s41586-021-03767-x)

Global Biobank analyses provide lessons for developing polygenic risk scores across diverse cohorts

KidneyNetwork: Using kidney-derived gene expression data to predict and prioritize novel genes involved in kidney disease

Multi-layered genetic approaches to identify approved drug targets

OTTERS: a powerful TWAS framework leveraging summary-level reference data

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Did you follow COVID lockdown rules? Whether or not you did is partially driven by your DNA

COVID-19: Whether you followed lockdown rules may have been influenced by your genetics

Whether you followed lockdown rules may have been influenced by your genetics – new research

Followed lockdown rules? It may have been your genetics, says new research

Genetic regulation of blood cells: Proximity of a gene to a genetic change plays an important role

Coronacrisis vergroot de invloed DNA op gedrag en welbevinden

Invloed DNA op gedrag en welbevinden tijdens coronacrisis steeds groter

Opmerkelijk: DNA blijkt van invloed op gedrag en welbevinden tijdens coronacrisis, meldt UMCG

Veni-beurzen voor veertien Groningse onderzoekers

UMCG’ers ontvangen NWO-Veni van €250.000,-

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