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Prevalence, types, and combinations of multiple problems among recipients of work disability benefits

Psychosocial work characteristics associated with distress and intention to leave nursing education; a one-year follow-up study

Content Validation of a Practice-Based Work Capacity Assessment Instrument Using ICF Core Sets

Effective interventions for preventing work related physical health complaints in nursing students and novice nurses: A systematic review

Effectiveness and characteristics of interventions to improve work participation in adults with chronic physical conditions: a systematic review

Feasibility of Family Group Conference to promote return-to-work of persons receiving work disability benefit

Improving mental health of student and novice nurses to prevent dropout: A systematic review

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for acute low back pain

Reasons why Dutch novice nurses leave nursing: A qualitative approach

Eigen Kracht-methode: inzet sociaal netwerk van toegevoegde waarde bij re-integratie

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