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“An oedipal conflict on an epileptic basis”: the diagnosing and treatment of behavioural problems in a Dutch child psychiatric clinic (1952–1962)

Child guidance, dynamic psychology and the psychopathologisation of child-rearing culture (c. 1920-1940): a transnational perspective

Coeducation: A Contested Practice in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Secondary Schooling

From defence mechanism to insufficient bladder control: Dutch experts on enuresis nocturna in an age of developing child sciences (1950-1990)

In search of the unconscious: The science-based diagnostic observation of girls in a Dutch reformatory in the 1950s

Professional competence and the classification and selection of pupils for schools for “feebleminded” children in the Netherlands (1900-1940)

In the interests of the child: psychiatry, adoption, and the emancipation of the single mother and her child - the case of the Netherlands (1945-1970)

MBD and de-educationalization

Professional expertise and the admission of pupils to the Dutch schools for children with learning and behavioral difficulties (1949-1990)

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Afstand voor adoptie (1956-1984) in NOS 8-uur journaal

Afstand voor adoptie (1956-1984) in Jacobine

De beste school die Nederland ooit had: de HBS

Maak ouders niet tot zondebok

Chaos in de klas (De waan van gisteren, Rubriek in NRC-Handelsblad)

Documentaire serie over de jaren '60

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