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How to find us dr. P.B.T. (Pieter) Neerincx


Integrated clinical and omics approach to rare diseases: novel genes and oligogenic inheritance in holoprosencephaly

Skewed X-inactivation is common in the general female population

WGS-based telomere length analysis in Dutch family trios implicates stronger maternal inheritance and a role for RRM1 gene

Germline de novo mutation clusters arise during oocyte aging in genomic regions with high double-strand-break incidence

Running-wheel activity delays mitochondrial respiratory flux decline in aging mouse muscle via a post-transcriptional mechanism

Rapid Targeted Genomics in Critically Ill Newborns

joerivandervelde/molgenis: MOLGENIS v1.21.2G1

The Genome of the Netherlands: design, and project goals

Whole-genome sequence variation, population structure and demographic history of the Dutch population

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