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How to find us O.R. (Rees) Williams

O.R. Williams

Target Scientific Project Manager
O.R. Williams

Target: Scientific and Technical Project Manager

Target is a 32 million Euro project in which prominent scientific research groups and innovative businesses jointly develop and improve complex and scalable data systems. Astronomical projects include the LOFAR Long Term Archive, OmegaCAM on the VLT Survey Telescope and EUCLID.  Bio-informatics projects include  GLucose IMaging in ParkinsonismS (GLIMPS) and the Lifelines Research Workspace Environment.

Euclid: Manager of the Euclid Netherlands Science Data Centre
The Euclid Netherlands Science Data Center will support the processing of data from Euclid mission, recently selected by ESA. The Euclid satellite will map a large part of the sky from space by means of enormously detailed optical and near-infrared imaging and spectroscopy. These data will be used to obtain in exquisite detail the properties of billions of galaxies over a major part of the history of the expanding Universe. This will test Einstein’s theory of General Relativity and will help to solve one of the outstanding mysteries in current physics and cosmology: the nature of dark matter and dark energy.
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