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Antimicrobial activity screening of rhizosphere soil bacteria from tomato and genome-based analysis of their antimicrobial biosynthetic potential

Antiviral activities and applications of ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptides (RiPPs)

Combinatorial biosynthesis for the generation of new-to-nature peptide antimicrobials

Draft Genome Sequences of a Bacillus subtilis Strain, a Bacillus velezensis Strain, a Paenibacillus Strain, and an Acinetobacter baumannii Strain, All Isolated from the Phyllosphere of Lactuca sativa or Solanum lycopersicum

Heterologous Expression of Mersacidin in Escherichia coli Elucidates the Mode of Leader Processing

Microbial competition reduces metabolic interaction distances to the low µm-range

New developments in RiPP discovery, enzymology and engineering

Outer-membrane-acting peptides and lipid II-targeting antibiotics cooperatively kill Gram-negative pathogens

Rapid and selective chemical editing of Ribosomally synthesized and Post-translationally modified Peptides (RiPPs) via Cu(II)-catalyzed β-borylation of dehydroamino acids

YbeY controls the type III and type VI secretion systems and biofilm formation through RetS in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Gronings Omnicin zet belangrijke stap in de bestrijding van lastig behandelbare infecties

Gronings bedrijf Omnicin zorgt voor doorbraak in bestrijding lastig behandelbare infecties

Dringen om een plekje in het lab

Zelfde genen, zelfde omstandigheden en toch ander transportmechanisme: Reactie bacterie op methionine tekort kan twee kanten op

Same genes, same conditions, different transport; Bacterium shows phenotypic heterogeneity for methionine uptake

Spin-off RUG ontwikkelt nieuwe antibiotica tegen resistente bacteriën

Spin-off om nieuwe antibiotica tegen resistente bacteriën te ontwikkelen

Ten strijde tegen groeiend probleem van antibioticaresistentie

Methode voor grootschalige productie en screening van nieuwe antimicrobiële peptiden

High throughput method to produce and screen engineered antimicrobial lanthipeptides

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