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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. O.P. (Oscar P) Kuipers


Analysis of cross-functionality within LanBTC synthetase complexes from different bacterial sources with respect to production of fully modified lanthipeptides

Biocontrol properties from phyllospheric bacteria isolated from Solanum lycopersicum and Lactuca sativa and genome mining of antimicrobial gene clusters

Chemically Tuning Resveratrol for the Effective Killing of Gram-Positive Pathogens

Diversity of bet-hedging strategies in microbial communities-Recent cases and insights

Draft Genome Sequences of Bacillus velezensis Strains AF_3B and OS2, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Strain BS9, Bacillus halotolerans Strain A1, and Bacillus sp. Strain BS3, Producing Biosurfactants with Antimicrobial Potential

Eco-evolutionary interactions and the spread of antimicrobial resistance in pathogenic microbial communities

FUNAGE-Pro: comprehensive web server for gene set enrichment analysis of prokaryotes

G-Quadruplex DNA as a Target in Pathogenic Bacteria: Efficacy of an Extended Naphthalene Diimide Ligand and Its Mode of Action

High-Resolution Chrono-Transcriptome of Lactococcus lactis Reveals That It Expresses Proteins with Adapted Size and pI upon Acidification and Nutrient Starvation

Membrane composition and organization of Bacillus subtilis 168 and its genome-reduced derivative miniBacillus PG10

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Three projects seek adaptations to microbiome for more sustainable agriculture and horticulture

De zoektocht naar geld voor antibiotica-onderzoek: ‘Het is een catch-22’

The search for money for antibiotic research: 'It's a Catch-22’

NWO Take-off grants voor Davide Grossi, Yori Ong en Oscar Kuipers

NWO Take-off grants for Davide Grossi, Yori Ong and Oscar Kuipers

Financiering toegekend binnen Open Technologieprogramma en Take-off

Gronings Omnicin zet belangrijke stap in de bestrijding van lastig behandelbare infecties

Gronings bedrijf Omnicin zorgt voor doorbraak in bestrijding lastig behandelbare infecties

Dringen om een plekje in het lab

Zelfde genen, zelfde omstandigheden en toch ander transportmechanisme: Reactie bacterie op methionine tekort kan twee kanten op

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