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Over onsWaar vindt u onsprof. dr. O.M. (Onno) van Nijf

prof. dr. O.M. van Nijf

Hoogleraar Oude Geschiedenis

PhD Supervision

Completed PhD's:

Current PhD supervision:


I have organised the following workshops around the research of students of this group

I teach (with pleasure) at all levels of BA and MA, in History, and Classics as well as our interdisciplinary research MA Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS).

  • Topics of Third year BA courses have included:

Greek athletics, Roman religion, The cultural history of death in antiquity; The city of Athens;

  • Topics of MA courses: have included:

Romans and their food; Citizenship in the Hellenistic polis; Greek religion; Greeks and Romans; The Impact of Empire

All my course have a strong interdisciplinary character, they are designed with historians, classicists and often also archaeologists and students of religion in mind.

  • MA dissertations supervised by me have included:

Ruler cult in Commagene, Sparta and Apollo, The epigraphy of Greek sanctuaries, The commemoration of the battle of Marathon, Statues for women in Roman Asia Minor,

  • BA dissertations supervised by me have included:

Greek body culture, Roman Associations, Byzantine Hooliganism, Roman Gladiators, Greek religion, The cult of Dionysos, Ruler cult in Roman Egypt, Greek aristocracies and athletics, Greek gymnasia.

  • Greek epigraphy

I have a special interest in Greek epigraphy.  I run an informal forthnightly Greek epigraphy group.  Since 2009   I teach an interuniversity course on Greek Epigraphy at the Netherlands Institute of Athens, set up for Dutch MA and PhD students.

I have a website with useful bibliography and other information on various aspects of Greek epigraphy: This site will be moved to in June 2012.

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