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Frontal-midline theta neurofeedback improves some executive functions in a subclinical group

Het gebruik van de Screening Visuele Klachten-vragenlijst voor het identificeren van visuele klachten bij mensen met de ziekte van Parkinson of multiple sclerose

It Takes Time: Vigilance and Sustained Attention Assessment in Adults with ADHD

Joint consideration of validity indicators embedded in Conners’ Adult ADHD Rating Scales (CAARS)

Networks of Neuropsychological Functions in the Clinical Evaluation of Adult ADHD

Stability of Attention Performance of Adults with ADHD over Time: Evidence from Repeated Neuropsychological Assessments in One-Month Intervals

Symptom and performance validity in samples of adults at clinical evaluation of ADHD: a replication study using machine learning algorithms

The Birthday Party Test (BPT); A new picture description test to support the assessment of simultanagnosia in patients with acquired brain injury

ADHD at the workplace: ADHD symptoms, diagnostic status, and work-related functioning

Basic and Complex Cognitive Functions in Adult ADHD

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks… but he might you!

Klasseninterventies helpen gedrag van kind met ADHD te verbeteren.

Treating ADHD effectively – Do we miss our opportunities?