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ADHD at the workplace: ADHD symptoms, diagnostic status, and work-related functioning

Basic and Complex Cognitive Functions in Adult ADHD

Everyday Life Attention Scale (ELAS): Normative data of n = 1,874 Dutch participants

Feigning ADHD and stimulant misuse among Dutch university students

Financial judgment determination in adults with ADHD

How well do people living with neurodegenerative diseases manage their finances?: A meta-analysis and systematic review on the capacity to make financial decisions in people living with neurodegenerative diseases

Metacognition in adult ADHD: Subjective and objective perspectives on self-awareness of cognitive functioning

Metacognition, psychopathology and daily functioning in adult ADHD

Neuropsychological and real-life functioning of adults with ADHD

Neuropsychological functioning of individuals at clinical evaluation of adult ADHD

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks… but he might you!

Klasseninterventies helpen gedrag van kind met ADHD te verbeteren.

Treating ADHD effectively – Do we miss our opportunities?