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How to find us O. (Oliver) Lorscheid, PhD


Descartes' rule of signs, Newton polygons, and polynomials over hyperfields

Plücker relations for quiver Grassmannians

Quiver Grassmannians of Extended Dynkin type D Part 1: Schubert Systems and Decompositions Into Affine Spaces

Representation type via Euler characteristics and singularities of quiver Grassmannians

$\mathbb F_1$ for everyone

Quasicoherent sheaves on projective schemes over $\Bbb F_1$

The geometry of blueprints Part II: Tits-Weyl models of algebraic groups

Blue schemes, semiring schemes, and relative schemes after Toën and Vaquié

Cech cohomology over F-1(2)

On the relation between hyperrings and fuzzy rings

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