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Multiple valence electron detachment following Auger decay of inner-shell vacancies in gas-phase DNA

Hole Migration In Telomere-Based Oligonucleotide Anions And G-Quadruplexes

Imaging method and system for verification of a treatment plan in hadron therapy

The prototype detection unit of the KM3NeT detector

Deep sea tests of a prototype of the KM3NeT digital optical module

A first search for coincident gravitational waves and high energy neutrinos using LIGO, Virgo and ANTARES data from 2007

Deep-Sea Bioluminescence Blooms after Dense Water Formation at the Ocean Surface

Detection potential of the KM3NeT detector for high-energy neutrinos from the Fermi bubbles

Expansion cone for the 3-inch PMTs of the KM3NeT optical modules

First search for neutrinos in correlation with gamma-ray bursts with the ANTARES neutrino telescope

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Proton beam radiotherapy. Getting the patient into focus.

Protonentherapie. Het nauwkeuriger maken van protonentherapie.