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How to find us O.J. (Ole) Richter, MSc

O.J. Richter, MSc

O.J. Richter, MSc

Ole Richter holds a Bachelors degree in Cognitive Informatics from University Bielefeld and a Masters Degree in Computational Neuroscience from UZH and ETH Zürich. He has 2 years of industry experience in a neuromorphic processor start-up (aiCTX AG / Synsense AG, Swizerland) in asynchronous and mixed signal neuromorphic IC design with a strong background in machine learning and computational neuroscience. In aiCTX AG he was responsible for leading the chip development of DynapSE2 - a mixed signal sub-threshold neuromorphic processor with natural signal frontend and vision interface - and being the principal asynchronous design engineer for the Speck vision system (on Chip) - an asynchronous Dynamic Vision Sensor (incl. preprocessing pipeline) combined with a fully asynchronous CNN processor. During his bachelor he worked for 1.5 years in the Neuromorphic Behaving Systems Group of Prof. Dr. Elisabetta Chicca in the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC), where he worked on modelling the behaviour of the visual processing of an ant mushroom body and small machine learning models for neuromorphic system. During his masters he designed and build 2 on chip learning rule circuits for neuromorphic processors in the Neuromorphic Circuits and Systems group of Prof. Dr. Giacomo Indiveri.

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