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Disentangling the effects of plant species invasion and urban development on arthropod community composition

Food web uncertainties influence predictions of climate change effects on soil carbon sequestration in heathlands

Feeling the heat: Effects of extreme climatic events on species performance, interactions and community composition

Towards more predictive and interdisciplinary climate change ecosystem experiments

A Common Yardstick to Measure the Effects of Different Extreme Climatic Events on Soil Arthropod Community Composition Using Time-Series Data

Heated communities: Large inter- and intraspecific variation in heat tolerance across trophic levels of a soil arthropod community

Herbivore removal reduces influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on plant growth and tolerance in an East African savanna

Phenotypic and transcriptional responses associated with multi-generation exposure of: Folsomia candida to engineered nanomaterials

Host plant quality mediates competition between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Substrate as a driver of sponge distributions in mangrove ecosystems

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