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Determinants of trajectories of fatigability and mobility among older medical patients during and after hospitalization; an explorative study

Disentangling the association between alcohol consumption and employment status: causation, selection or confounding?

Measurement properties of the Dutch PROMIS-29 v2.1 profile in people with and without chronic conditions

Relationship Between Childhood Abuse and Body Mass Index in Young Adulthood: Mediated by Depression and Anxiety?

Socioeconomic differences in major depressive disorder onset among adults are partially explained by lifestyle factors: A longitudinal analysis of the Lifelines Cohort Study

Socioeconomic differences in metabolic syndrome development: examining the mediating role of chronic stress using the Lifelines Cohort Study

Socioeconomic differences in metabolic syndrome development among males and females, and the mediating role of health literacy and self-management skills

The association between fast-food outlet proximity and density and Body Mass Index: Findings from 147,027 Lifelines cohort study participants

The association between the presence of fast-food outlets and BMI: the role of neighbourhood socio-economic status, healthy food outlets, and dietary factors

The impact of the COVID lockdown on alcohol consumption in the Netherlands. The role of living arrangements and social isolation

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Preventie Overleg Groningen officieel van start

UMCG doet mee aan studie naar effect leefstijlprogramma op hersengezondheid

UMCG onderzoekt effect leefstijlprogramma op denkvermogen van ouderen

Crossover subsidie voor onderzoek naar leefstijl en ouder wordend brein

Ouderen blijven tot op hoge leeftijd vrijwilligerswerk doen.

Kan de schok van een ouder met dementie je wakker schudden? UMCG start bevolkingsonderzoek.

UMCG start onderzoek naar risico op dementie

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