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How to find us prof. dr. N. (Nicolai) Petkov

prof. dr. N. (Nicolai) Petkov

Professor, Head of the research group Intelligent Systems:

Research interests

Pattern recognition, machine learning, brain-inspired computing, computer vision, image processing, big data, parallel and high performance computing; see

Head of the research group Intelligent Systems:


Efficient binocular stereo correspondence matching with 1-D Max-Trees

Enhanced robustness of convolutional networks with a push–pull inhibition layer

Hierarchical approach to classify food scenes in egocentric photo-streams

Modular domain-to-domain translation network

Topic modelling for routine discovery from egocentric photo-streams

Automatic determination of vertical cup-to-disc ratio in retinal fundus images for glaucoma screening

Detection of u-serrated patterns in direct immunofluorescence images of autoimmune bullous diseases by inhibition-augmented COSFIRE filters

Estimation of muscle scores of live pigs using a Kinect camera

Globular cluster detection in the GAIA survey

Learning representations of sound using trainable COPE feature extractors

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