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How to find us dr. ir. N.M. (Marianna) Sijtsema

Research interests

Radiotherapy, Adaptive Radiotherapy (ART), Image Biomarkers, Radiomics, Adaptive Proton Therapy


Inter-fraction motion robustness and organ sparing potential of proton therapy for cervical cancer

Towards the clinical implementation of intensity-modulated proton therapy for thoracic indications with moderate motion: robust optimised plan evaluation by means of patient and machine specific information

A comprehensive motion analysis - consequences for high precision image-guided radiotherapy of esophageal cancer patients

Can we safely reduce the radiation dose to the heart while compromising the dose to the lungs in oesophageal cancer patients?

Development and Internal Validation of an NTCP-model for Acute Coronary Events after Breast Cancer Radiotherapy: First Results of the MEDIRAD BRACE Study (H2020-Euratom-1.4 / 755523)

External validation of nodal failure prediction models including radiomics in head and neck cancer

Head and Neck IMPT probabilistic dose accumulation: feasibility of a 2 mm setup uncertainty setting

Investigation of inter-fraction target motion variations in the context of pencil beam scanned proton therapy in non-small cell lung cancer patients

Is the 4D planning CT representative for breathing motion of esophageal tumors during treatment?

Pre-treatment radiomic features predict individual lymph node failure for head and neck cancer patients

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