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Momentarily narcissistic?: Development of a short, state version of the Pathological Narcissism Inventory applicable in momentary assessment

Practices in State Self-Esteem Research: An Analysis of Enacted Ontologies

Strange Bedfellows: Interdisciplinarity in Theory & Practice

Toward a Process Approach in Psychology: Stepping into Heraclitus' River

What Is Real about “Real Time” Anyway? A Proposal for A Pluralistic Approach to Studying Identity Processes across Different Timescales

“Doing” mindsets in the classroom: A coding scheme for teacher and student mindset-related verbalizations.

The landscape of identity: Integrating Commitment Strength and Quality within a Developmental Framework

The Landscape of Identity Model: An Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of Identity Development

The relationship between mental disorders and actual and desired subjective social status

Conclusion and discussion: what we can gain from a dynamic systems approach to psychosocial development in adolescence

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