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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. ir. N.M. (Natasha) Maurits
University Medical Center Groningen

prof. dr. ir. N.M. (Natasha) Maurits

Professor of Clinical Neuroengineering, Chief Scientific Information Officer (CSIO)

Research interests

Clinical neuroengineering, in particular biomedical signal analysis, multimodal neuroimaging, high-density EEG recording, visualization of high-dimensional data and home-based diagnosis.
Applications in neurology (movement disorders, neuromuscular disorders, dementia, stroke, trauma) and cognition (healthy ageing, dyslexia).


Quasi-simultaneous coupling methods for partitioned problems in computational hemodynamics

2D Gait Skeleton Data Normalization for Quantitative Assessment of Movement Disorders from Freehand Single Camera Video Recordings

A cross-linguistic perspective to classification of healthiness of speech in Parkinson's disease

Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Resting State Brain Network Connectivity in Older Adults

Neural coupling between upper and lower limb muscles in Parkinsonian gait

Quantification of Movement in Stroke Patients under Free Living Conditions Using Wearable Sensors: A Systematic Review

Time-dependent directional intermuscular coherence analysis reveals that forward and backward arm swing equally drive the upper leg muscles during gait initiation

Age-dependent modulation of motor network connectivity for skill acquisition, consolidation and interlimb transfer after motor practice

Amble Gait EEG Points at Complementary Cortical Networks Underlying Stereotypic Multi-Limb Co-ordination

Applicability of quantitative oculomotor and SARA assessment in children

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Interview for podcast HTRIC

UMCG: subsidie om motorisch beperkte patiënten meer thuis te laten revalideren

UMCG: Ruim miljoen subsidie voor thuis revalidatie

UMCG krijgt subsidie om motorisch beperkte patiënten meer thuis te laten revalideren

RTV Noord – Radio interview bij Karel op Noord

IMAGINARY: Wiskunde in beeld

Reportage over onderzoek Essentiele tremor bij OOG TV

UMCG onderzoekt of sensor-pen vroegtijdig Parkinson kan aantonen

Sensorpen Parkinson

Interview in Papaver (Parkinson Magazine)

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