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Loneliness across cultures with different levels of social embeddedness: A qualitative study

A relational perspective on women's empowerment: Intimate partner violence and empowerment among women entrepreneurs in Vietnam

Aims and overview of the mentorship program for women entrepreneurs offered by Opportunity International Malawi: Report of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Does loneliness thrive in relational freedom or restriction? The culture-loneliness framework

Far away from home and (not) lonely: Relational mobility in migrants’ heritage culture as a potential protection from loneliness

Reaktionen auf soziale Diskriminierung

A relational perspective on women’s empowerment. The influence of marital partners on empowerment among women in Vietnam and Bolivia

Can more relationship choice make more and less lonely? A cultural-psychological analysis of relational mobility, relational stability, and loneliness in four European countries

Impacts of the Gender and Entrepreneurship Together Ahead (GET Ahead) training on empowerment of female microfinance borrowers in Northern Vietnam

Lonely Alone or Lonely Together? A Cultural-Psychological Examination of Individualism–Collectivism and Loneliness in Five European Countries

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Integratie statushouders stokt door corona

Achtergrond: Integratie van nieuwkomers staat bijna stil door coronacrisis

Video over werkgevertraining: werken met culturele diversiteit

Press release: Integratie van nieuwkomers staat bijna stil Evidence-based aanbevelingen voor de praktijk

Video about a project on the psychological consequences of COVID-19 for newcomers

Blog on "The value of connectedness in times of online learning"

Blog about the "Societal challenge lab"

Integration is a two-way street: A training that prepares employers to hire refugees

Video on project-based learning, presenting the "The Societal Challenge Lab"

Mindwise Blog

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