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Does loneliness thrive in relational freedom or restriction? The culture-loneliness framework

Loneliness across cultures with different levels of social embeddedness: A qualitative study

Microfinance Services and Women’s Empowerment

Polarization in attitudes towards refugees and migrants in the Netherlands

Problem awareness does not predict littering: A field study on littering in the Gambia

Resolving the cultural loneliness paradox of choice: The role of cultural norms about individual choice regarding relationships in explaining loneliness in four European countries

When cultures clash: Links between perceived cultural distance in values and attitudes towards migrants

A relational perspective on women's empowerment: Intimate partner violence and empowerment among women entrepreneurs in Vietnam

Aims and overview of the mentorship program for women entrepreneurs offered by Opportunity International Malawi: Report of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands

All human, yet different: An emic-etic approach to cross-cultural replication in social psychology

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Researcher’s ideals inspire practical applications

Integratie statushouders stokt door corona

Achtergrond: Integratie van nieuwkomers staat bijna stil door coronacrisis

Video over werkgevertraining: werken met culturele diversiteit

Press release: Integratie van nieuwkomers staat bijna stil Evidence-based aanbevelingen voor de praktijk

Video about a project on the psychological consequences of COVID-19 for newcomers

Blog on "The value of connectedness in times of online learning"

Blog about the "Societal challenge lab"

Integration is a two-way street: A training that prepares employers to hire refugees

Video on project-based learning, presenting the "The Societal Challenge Lab"

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