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Critical Fluctuations as an Early Warning Signal of Sports Injuries? Applying the Complex Dynamic Systems Toolbox to Football Monitoring Data

How do psychological and physiological performance determinants interact within individual athletes? An analytical network approach

Psychophysiological States of Athletes: A Recurrence Network Approach with Phase Profiles

Resilience in sports: A multidisciplinary, dynamic, and personalized perspective

Anticipating Injuries and Health Problems in Elite Soccer Players Using Dynamic Complexity

Detecting early warning signals of injuries and health problems in elite youth soccer players

How Do Psychological and Physiological Performance Determinants Interact Within Individual Athletes? An Analytical Network Approach

How everything is connected: Mapping performance determinants of athletes in personalized networks

How long does it take to physically and psychologically recover after an injury in football?

How long does it take to recover physically and psychologically after an injury?

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Why Your Post-Exercise Recovery Differs from the Average

Latest football science research

Nonverbales Bewegungsverhalten, Emotionen und Sport

Live Sport Adopts Play Safe Policy, Will Adrenaline Rush Be The Same Again?

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