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A model-independent measurement of the CKM angle γ in partially reconstructed B± → D∗h ± decays with D → K0 Sh +h − (h = π, K)

Amplitude Analysis of the B0 →k∗0μ+μ- Decay

A search for rare B → Dµ+µ − decays

Curvature-bias corrections using a pseudomass method

Determination of short- and long-distance contributions in B0 →k∗0μ+μ- decays

Enhanced Production of Λb0 Baryons in High-Multiplicity pp Collisions at s =13 TeV

Erratum to: Measurement of the Λc+ to D0 production ratio in peripheral PbPb collisions at sNN = 5.02 TeV

Fraction of χc Decays in Prompt J/ψ Production Measured in pPb Collisions at sNN =8.16 TeV

Helium identification with LHCb

Improved Measurement of CP Violation Parameters in Bs0 →j/ψK+K- Decays in the Vicinity of the φ (1020) Resonance

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