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Anticipating manic and depressive transitions in patients with bipolar disorder using early warning signals

Anticipating the direction of symptom progression using critical slowing down: a proof-of-concept study

Lower emotional complexity as a prospective predictor of psychopathology in adolescents from the general population

Shared and individual-specific daily stress-reactivity in a cross-diagnostic at-risk sample

Stable states and tipping points: a complex dynamic systems perspective on youth mental health

The Associations of Affection and Rejection During Adolescence with Interpersonal Functioning in Young Adulthood: A Macro- and Micro-Level Investigation Using the TRAILS TRANS-ID Study

Anticipating manic and depressive shifts in patients with bipolar disorder using early warning signals

Connection between sleep and mental health – a special case for ADHD

Detecting impending symptom transitions using early warning signals in individuals receiving treatment for depression

Individual-specific and subgroup level associations between stress and psychopathology in daily life: A temporal network investigation

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