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A healthy view?: exploring the positive health perceptions of older adults with a lower socioeconomic status using photo-elicitation interviews

Artificial Intelligence in Screening Mammography: A population survey of women's preferences

Just You Wait… and Fill Out This Survey: Methodological Aspects of Waiting Room Surveys

Paternal Imprisonment and Father–Child Relationships: A Systematic Review

Shaking hands in a busy waiting room: The effects of the surveyor’s introduction and people present in the waiting room on the response rate

Understanding Willingness to Share Smartphone-Sensor Data

Adapting Surveys to the Modern World: Comparing a Research Messenger Design to a Regular Responsive Design for Online Surveys

Differences in Interaction Quantity and Conversational Flow in CAPI and CATI Interviews

Patients’ views on the implementation of artificial intelligence in radiology: Development and validation of a standardized questionnaire

A Qualitative Study to Understand Patient Perspective on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

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