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Atomically Resolved Phase Coexistence in VO2 Thin Films

Domains with Varying Conductance in Tensile Strained SrMnO3 Thin Films Using Out-of-Plane Electric Fields

Giant electrostriction-like response from defective non-ferroelectric epitaxial BaTiO3 integrated on Si (100)

Metal-Solvent Complex Formation at the Surface of InP Colloidal Quantum Dots

Strong Substrate Influence on Atomic Structure and Properties of Epitaxial VO2 Thin Films

Approaching Bulk Mobility in PbSe Colloidal Quantum Dots 3D Superlattices

Effects of Intermixing in Sb2Te3/Ge1+xTe Multilayers on the Thermoelectric Power Factor

Efficient Cu-based catalysts for the selective demethoxylation of guaiacols

Memristive memory enhancement by device miniaturization for neuromorphic computing

Nickel Boride (NixB) Nanocrystals: From Solid-State Synthesis to Highly Colloidally Stable Inks

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