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Historisches Erbe regionaler Innovationstätigkeit - der Fall Ost- und Westdeutschland

Labor market changes and social inclusiveness across regions: evidence from the rise of the modern office

Entrepreneurship in the Long-Run: Empirical Evidence and Historical Mechanisms

How does Regional Entrepreneurship Transfer over Time? The Role of Household Size and Economic Success

Long-term decline of regions and the rise of populism: The case of Germany

On the Roman origins of entrepreneurship and innovation in Germany

Poor soil as a fertile breeding ground: the role of historical agricultural specialization for the persistence of regional differences in crafts

Shades of a Socialist Legacy? Innovation Activity in East and West Germany 1877-2014

The effects of TV content on entrepreneurship: Evidence from German unification

The Long-Run Effects of Communism and Transition to a Market System on Self-Employment: The Case of Germany

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