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Long-term decline of regions and the rise of populism: The case of Germany

Shades of a Socialist Legacy? Innovation Activity in East and West Germany 1877-2014

The effects of TV content on entrepreneurship: Evidence from German unification

Calling Baumol: What telephones can tell us about the allocation of entrepreneurial talent in the face of radical institutional changes

Comprehensive Patent Data of the German Democratic Republic 1949-1990—Technical Report and Dataset Overview

Entrepreneurship in the Long-run: Empirical Evidence and Historical Mechanisms

Historical episodes and their legacies across space: A famous case revisited

Historical roots of entrepreneurship in different regional contexts—the case of Poland

Initial conditions and regional performance in the aftermath of disruptive shocks: the case of East Germany after socialism

Is open innovation imprinted on new ventures? The cooperation-inhibiting legacy of authoritarian regimes

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