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How to find us dr. M.V. (Milena) Nikolova

Research interests

I am interested in rigorous social science research which helps inform public debates and generates social value-added.  My research focuses on the broad well-being consequences of economic development and labor market arrangements. I rely on rigorous statistical analysis of individual- and country-level data and focus on topics related to migration, entrepreneurship, and the long-term socio-economic consequences of communism. 

My work (with co-authors) has appeared in journals such as World Development, Journal of Population Economics, and the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 


Family matters: The effects of parental unemployment in early childhood and adolescence on subjective well-being later in life

Sometimes Your Best Just Ain’t Good Enough: The Worldwide Evidence on Subjective Well-being Efficiency

Former Communist party membership and present-day entrepreneurship

The Economics of Happiness

The perceived well-being and health costs of exiting self-employment

What makes work meaningful and why economists should care about it

Emigration, remittances, and the subjective well-being of those staying behind

Switching to self-employment can be good for your health

Your spouse is fired! How much do you care?

Happiness: Using subjective well-being metrics to gauge development

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Self-employment, COVID-19, and the future of work for knowledge workers

Losing your own business is worse than losing a salaried job

What makes a job meaningful?

Former Communist Party membership and present-day entrepreneurship

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