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Research interests




Gini Who? The Relationship between Inequality Perceptions and Life Satisfaction

Loud or quiet quitting? The influence of work orientations on effort and turnover

Robots, Meaning, and Self-Determination

Being your own boss and bossing others: the moderating effect of managing others on work meaning and autonomy for the self-employed and employees

Double-edged sword: persistent effects of Communist regime affiliations on well-being and preferences

Echoes of the Past: The Enduring Impact of Communism on Contemporary Freedom of Speech Values

Just Another Cog in the Machine? A Worker-Level View of Robotization and Tasks

The Relationship Between Inequality and Potential Emigration: Evidence from the Gallup World Poll

The Societal Costs of Inflation and Unemployment

COVID-19 and entrepreneurship entry and exit: Opportunity amidst adversity

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How perceived inequality shapes well-being

It’s Not All About the Money

Onderzoek: betrokkenheid wordt sterk beïnvloed door hoe werknemer baan ziet

Industrial robots make people feel worse about jobs and themselves


Professor Milena Nikolova of Groningen University at the Quality of Life Initiative EGM

Lessons from the rise in self-employment

5-Minutes Series 2. Episode 2 with Professor Milena Nikolova - Communism & Life Satisfaction

Can the self-employed teach us lessons about organising remote work?

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